Cattle and Fences

I live surrounded by cattle. Each spring, once the prairie grass has grown, the cattle arrive at the fields around me. Usually mid-late May they take up residence.

One by one cattle trailers arrive. They back into the field, swing open the trailer doors, and groups of cattle are let out. It’s a pretty exciting time for the cattle. Free from the confines of the ranch, they now set out as a group and investigate this new world before them.

The cattle move as one big group following the fence line. They check the boundaries and you can bet if that farmer has not done his fence mending and tightening, they will find the weak spot and push their way out.

Most of the fences here are electrified. It’s not your dairy cow electric fencing. Its electrified barbed wire and you won’t forget touching it.

You and I are like cattle. When we accept the Lord’s boundaries for our individual lives as well as our corporate lives. As Christians, we do well and are blessed by our obedience. However, when we sin and continue to sin, it numbs us the normal shock we would feel, till we push our way through the fence and run to what we thought was freedom.

Like the farmer, God comes in his heavenly truck, parks and walks out to where the loose cattle are. He has a trusted helper guard the open fence as he brings the cattle back into the pasture.

God’s boundaries and “rules” are to protect our souls. They shouldn’t be seen as things he is keeping you from. You are his kid and he wants good things for you. Get back into his loving care and enjoy the blessings of obedience.

-Praying with you in thanksgiving for all the fences God gives us, especially the ones he has mended.


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