Careful Who You “Keep Company With”

One of the funniest sayings my mom would say was ” So and So keeps company with…”. I found it interesting when she would say that. Then as I got older I figured out that she was saying XYZ is friends with ABC- they have an active friendship.

More than often, my mom would remind me that I was going to be judged by the friends I kept. If they were good friends, I would be thought well of, if they were bad friends, it would be assumed I did the same.

As we were driving to our outdoor, socially distant compliant church service yesterday I spotted to large crows. They were walking together on a driveway. What made them interesting was their antics. At first, I thought they were a mating pair, but soon I realized they were not, they were buddies! Friends… and I bet, even for their size, they were juvenile males.

They walked around the front of a car they bowed, then stood way up, extended their wings, snapped their beaks, and bowed again. Huh? What are they doing? Then I saw it… they saw their reflection in the black car. They thought they were seeing two other crows.

I smiled and thought it was pretty cool to see crows showing me the importance of choosing the right friends and my behavior is reflected by the friends I keep.

I have always been blessed with very good friends. I like my friends… nope, I love them. They are so important to me. Especially living away from friends that I have known since my early 20’s. I am grateful for their place in my life. I miss them terribly and mourn our geographical divide.

Proverbs 18:24 teaches, “One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, / but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” 

God has given me great and wonderful friendships in MN as well. I am grateful for their love and support. I can’t imagine doing life without them, they are like my family.

Later, during the service when Trey didn’t want to remain quiet, I took a walk and found the two crows on the road, goofing around. There they were, picking up twigs and being silly, flying up to a tree and down to the road. It was nice to see animals having fun, just being and enjoying each other, just like friends.

-Enjoying great friendships with you, even if we look silly sometimes.- Michele

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