Being Run Ragged

I watched one of my tamed barn cats lose some serious pounds in a short two weeks. Mocha went from a healthy happy active tomcat to skin and bones. I am and always will be a softy for animals. God gave me a place in my heart and mind for critters.

As I was watching Mocha sleep, his breathing is labored. You can see his spine and he sleeps a great portion of the day. Concerned I got up and went into my refrigerator. I had cooked up a pork liver for Tucker the other day, so I thought some mushed up warmed pig liver should add some pep back to him.

After mushing the liver up, I popped it into the microwave for 15 seconds. Out of the microwave I carefully blew on the liver to make sure it wasn’t too hot. It smelled awful to me, so I figured Mocha would find it irresistible

I called to him, but he lay in the patio chair. His pitiful eyes sunken into his head. So I carefully set the bowl of liver right next to him. In an instant, he popped up, began the loudest purring, and dove into the bowl He finished that and I made him some more. Finally satisfied, he pulled his head out of the bowl, licked his lips, and laid back down.

The next morning I dropped him off at the Vet Clinic. I chatted briefly with the Vet. Tech and Dr. A. In our discussion I shared my thoughts on why I thought Mocha was in the condition he was:

  • His littermate had F.I.P. so maybe now he has it
  • A new tomcat moved in and was beating him up on a regular basis
  • This new tomcat was probably keeping him from getting into the barn to eat, which is a big problem in being healthy and able to run or fight.

Dr. A thought that the “tomcat” scenario was the likely culprit, but they would check things out. Dr. A called a while later and said Mocha looked to be well, but given his emaciated condition gave him a shot of antibiotics, wormed him and said to feed him food by the house where I can control how much he gets and keep the bad tomcat from beating him up. All’s well that ends well.

Do you feel run ragged by certain people in your life? Maybe it’s a situation that has you running? Do you find you need food, refreshment, and rest? God wants to shower you with his loving care through good friends, nutritious food, and rest.

Sometimes we do have to run, but know God runs with you!

-Resting and eating and relaxing with you so we can run the race He has set before us.

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