2022 Healthy Spiritual Habits: Part 4 Pray with A.C.T.S.

Welcome back to Time in the Word! Three weeks ago we started our 2022 Healthy Spiritual Habits adventure talking about Bible Reading and Bible Study. You can catch Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.

Last week, in part 3, we tackled learning how to be faithful in praying daily. A great way to pray is by using the A.C.T.S method. Today we will finish with the letters “T” and “S”; in the A.C.T.S. method for prayer.

T- Stands for Thanksgiving

This is a special part of prayer, and where I must do my greatest hard work; thankfulness. Here, you get to thank God for keeping his promises to you, as well as the blessings he showers upon you. It’s a chance to thank him for your job, family, friends and so much more.

Sometimes we hit points in our lives where the going gets tough. As the waves of life roll over you, you may lose heart in God’s promises. Doubt begins to creep in, and you may question your trust and belief. This is where it is so helpful to thank God over and over for the blessings he has given you. To state boldly that you know He has more blessings in store, and to “mine” daily for goodness and things to be thankful for.

Maybe you have cancer and today is Chemo Day. As you sit and receive your chemo, can you thank God for the nurses and doctors? For the person who brought you?

Perhaps you lost your spouse. The feelings of loneliness are overwhelming and the grief is at times unbearable. Can you focus on the joy and blessings before they passed? Can you cling to those good things while you look for good things now? Some days are hard. They may require you to really mine for joy and thankfulness. Thankfulness, and the practice of being thankful, build our faith.

S- Stand for Supplication

The Latin word for supplication is “supplicare”. According to vocabulary.com supplicare means: ” to plead humbly”. During this part of prayer, we plead humbly to our God to align our hearts with His will. It’s a chance for you to ask God for things that you desire in your heart, for spiritual protection (putting on your armor), and to ask for an increase in your faith.

Often, some mistakenly use supplication as a time to give God your “wish list”, ticking off material possession and worldly things you wish to possess. God certainly doesn’t begrudge giving us good gifts, but God should not be seen as a Santa Claus or a genie in a bottle.

If we see God for only what He gives us, and we have a faith that only remains when the good abounds, then we have to question the sincerity of that faith.

Our personal intercessor

A great addition to assist us with prayer is the Holy Spirit. This is, by far, the best part of faith and prayer colliding. Jesus promised us all that when he left for heaven, he would send the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit intercedes for us in prayer. He assists us in praying when we don’t know what to pray, or how to pray for it.

Many times tears are a part of our prayers. We need intervention for ourselves, someone we love, our country, or a situation… and it is during those times the Holy Spirit intercedes and gives us help.

I like to think of it as translating. The Holy Spirit puts the words together for us; what we mean to say, but just can’t figure out how. And then gives those words to God, appealing on our behalf. Simply amazing!

Friends, this has been so fun sharing with you SOAP and ACTS. I hope you will use them in your daily quiet time as you seek to know God better and search out His will for you. It benefits your day to be studying, praying, and applying all that you learn!

Till next week. Thank you, for joining me here in Time in the Word.

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