Waiting for a Different Light

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

April 3, 2023

Monday Greetings, from a slowly melting prairie. But it is melting!

This morning I got up and started painting the last coat on the ceiling of the downstairs office. Before I painted I treated my arm with two tens unit treatments. ZZZT! This took 30 minutes, but it was well worth it!

As I was painting, I lamented to God my frustration over sinful leadership in my own state as well as nationally. We, as Americans, are going through a judgment. This is not, I believe, a final wipe you from the face of the earth judgment, but a CORRECTING judgment.

This is MEANT TO BE PAINFUL. WE HAVE GONE ASTRAY. We have left our first love- JESUS! We have been lulled into a stupor of laziness. We haven’t been faithful in speaking out against sin, sharing the gospel, and LIVING LIKE WE ARE CHRISTIANS.

Instead, like Israel, we have been seduced by the gods of the age. Sex, money, fame, and all sorts of sinful yuck. Nobody wants to hear they are sinning. They just want to hear they are good. WRONG! Sin is SIN!

As I am painting, it becomes clear that in the light I am currently working I will need a different light to FINISH. This different light will show me where I missed. Then I can go back and fix my misses. These fixes will show my completed work.

Jesus, TODAY, let us not be lazy. Let your fire burn through our souls, shedding light on our hidden sins as well as our out-in-the-open sins, and let our hearts be convicted and then turn to you for healing and change. AMEN

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