This is Where I Failed

We all know that PRAYER is an important part of the Christian life. Without it, we are disconnected from our defense system, as well as unity with the body of Christ.

I speak to those who have prayed and prayed for something/issue in their life or the life of someone else. You may have prayed for healing, restoration, salvation, freedom from something. But nothing outwardly changes.

Yes, there are little tiny nuggets that suggest something is at work so this gives you some hope, but you need something big- neon sign floating down from heaven saying-” On May 13th you will see deliverance.” Oh AMEN! YES! However, that is not how it works. 🙁

I discovered today that in prayer and praying God is looking for our belief, faithfulness, and faith that our prayers make a difference. Prayer is not validated if you get what you want when you want it. Let that sink in for a moment.

So today when I pray I’m going to change the way I see prayer and feel about prayer. Today I pray to God in recognition that He has to power to do his goodwill, in my life and others at the appointed time. I believe in His power and understand He reigns in sovereignty. His plans work best and my understandings of what I think should be are weak and skewed.

Today trust God. Trust that he is working even when it looks bad. Trust that He hears you and His silence is not Him ignoring you. Keep praying in faith and recognition that He can change anything and leave him to do His will even when it is so very different from what you’ve prayed. He loves your faithful asking!

-Changing the way I think about pray/praying with you.

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