Things My Husband Shouldn’t Have Ate: Dog Biscuits and Gummy Vites

That title is a mouthful, but honestly, it is the truth. Things my husband shouldn’t have eaten, but did. He can be a danger to himself in the refrigerator or snooping around the kitchen. I resorted to labeling most everything in the refrigerator when we were first married.

Dog Biscuits

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

Back in Wisconsin, I had my own cleaning business. Each year I always made bog biscuits and gave them out my clients with dogs. I also carried them with me when I went out to clean. It came in handy more than once- convincing “ole Fido” I was okay coming into the house.

With the Christmas season quickly approaching I decided to make some homemade dog biscuits. Brad was gone ice-fishing, so it was just Gabby and me at home.

Gabby and I got the ingredients together and made a few batches of dough. Rolled them out and used a dog bone biscuit cookie cutter, to make some really cute dog bones.

Nibble, nibble like a mouse

The morning passed quickly. The biscuits were finished baking in the oven and were drying nicely on the countertop. We decided to whip up some Christmas cookies too. With the Christmas cookies made and finished, we packed them into containers and placed them in the front porch- better known as the deep freeze.

Our last task was to make some white icing for the Christmas cookies, which we would frost later. We left the frosting sitting out to keep soft. Gabby went to watch T.V. and I sat down at the piano plunking out some tunes.

Brad had come home from ice-fishing and was busy unpacking his gear onto the kitchen floor. I just kept playing the piano but kept an ear to the kitchen. As I continued to play the kitchen became very quiet. Then I heard the cupboard doors opening. The sound of a few plates clattering and then being set on the countertop.

As I was finishing my song, I turned to look into the dining room just as Brad rounded the corner into the piano room. Before I could yell, “Brad don’t those are…”, he took a dog biscuit, dipped it into the Christmas cookie frosting and began to loudly crunch upon this “new cookie”.

It could be worse

Brad began to give me a rundown of the “new cookie” pros and cons:

  1. They were too crunchy.
  2. They didn’t have enough sugar, tasted a bit like beef.
  3. Did I really mean to make them dog bone-shaped?
  4. The frosting really made the cookie!

As he drew up a second dog biscuit to dip, I quickly grabbed the plate and yanked the cookie from his hand. “Brad! Those are DOG BISCUITS! Stopping mid crunch he looked down, then looked at me and continued crunching. After swallowing the bite he said, “Well, I thought it was a little funny that you would make Christmas cookies in the shape of a dog bone. The frosting really helps make up for the beefy flavor.” My husband shouldn’t have eaten them, but he did.

I asked him later if he needed a good scratch behind the ears and told him to stop chasing the cars on East Friesland Road or I would have to tie him up in the backyard.

Vitamins are good for you

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

It wasn’t but a few months later, once again my husband shouldn’t have eaten half a jar of Gummy Vites, but he did. He had come home from work, changed his clothes and came to hang out in the kitchen.

My back was to him as I was busy cooking items on the stove. I could hear him grab some jar off the counter. He leaned back against the counter and crossed his legs. I heard the twist of a jar, a few gentle shakes and then a handful of something into his mouth.

I assumed he must have a jar of peanuts, as peanuts are his favorite snack. We began a conversation and talked for ten minutes with an occasional pause as he grabbed another mouthful of what he was eating.

Tell me you just didn’t eat that

Finished with my cooking I turned to look at him and to my horror, I saw that he had a Gummy Vite jar and not a peanut jar. He had just brought up another mouthful of Gummy Vite’s and began chewing them.

“Brad!” I yelled. “Stop, stop, stop!” He made a face at me and asked why he had to stop eating the gummy bears. I explained they were NOT gummy bears. They were Gummy Vites- vitamins for children. He stared at me, and then held the jar up and looked at the label.

I told him to turn and spit out whatever was in his mouth. I grabbed the jar. Two hundred forty in a jar and I had just opened it two days ago. The jar is nearing half empty. I closed my eyes. Now what?!

Hello? Poison Control?

Grabbing the phone I pounded the poison control number into the phone. The phone rang and a friendly nurse answered. I started off by saying ” Well, your probably not going to believe this but I am calling for my husband, my husband shouldn’t have but, he just ate half a jar of Gummy Vites- he thought they were gummy bears.” I ended my introduction with a bit of a laugh followed by a sigh. The nurse gave a small chuckled but then got right down to business. She asked for some information off the jar, asked how my husband was doing and then put me on hold to consult the pharmacists.

While on hold, I told Brad to go drink some milk and he dutifully poured a glass of milk and drank it down. The nurse came back on the line and said that because Brad was an adult he would not be poisoned by the Gummy Vites, he could experience an upset stomach or diarrhea. In twenty-four hours they should pass completely through his body. He should not take any of his personal vitamins.

Well, of course, he shouldn’t take any of HIS personal vitamins, he probably ate 2 weeks worth in 10 minutes. Bradley! He stood laughing as I thanked the nurse and hung up.

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One Comment on “Things My Husband Shouldn’t Have Ate: Dog Biscuits and Gummy Vites”

  1. MIchele, This is too funny. I’m reminded to two events in my own life. 1) When we were growing up we had a Amish girl that came and cleaned the house. She would bribe us to help with chewable Vitamin Cs. They were yummy. But one day Marcy found her jar of them, sat down and commenced to eating them by the handful! She survived too!
    Just after Mike and I were married, I made some press cookies that were favorites in our family. Somehow in a new kitchen they came out pretty hard. The boys called them People Biscuits! ha! Brian had to do a sales pitch for speech class and he sold my “people biscuits”. Anyway, I got better at making them softer and they are still a favorite.

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