There is a Haven

Hymn There is a haven

Originally posted on GGMandy for the five-minute writing challenge. Write for 5 minutes unedited on a specified topic. The prompt … HAVEN

It rained yesterday.

Dark billows covered the sun and dropped water, heavy from the sky and then more before the wipers could clear our windshield. Lightning flashed around us like paparazzi while thunder shook the windows.

We pulled into a parking space and waited for the storm to subside and then stepped out into pools of rushing, swirling water looking for already full drains. The rain fell on our faces as we rushed to a safe and dry place. We shook our heads and wiped our arms of excess water and found a place to sit and rest.

In Savannah, this is a normal summer afternoon experience.

And isn’t it also for our lives?  Daily trials present themselves, stresses at work, disputes with neighbors, disagreements at home, laundry piling up, bills to pay, and possibly illness. And we haven’t even turned on the news yet. Sometimes we see the storm building; other times, it catches us off guard.

All we really want is a place to escape. A place of quietude and rest with no interruptions. #haven #fmfparty Share on X

There’s good news, my friend. There is such a haven.

It’s in Jesus Christ the Lord. He’s the only One who can calm the storms around us and the storms within. We just have to receive Him. He’s been there, done that. Let Him calm your storm.

The most precious time for me is those few minutes spent with Him sometime during the day. You might think there is no time for that, but I promise you, if you give Christ the first few minutes of Your day, He will bless the rest of it.

Take him along with you, read some scripture while you wait for your lunch or picking up your child from school. [I like the Psalms. One of my favorites is Psalm 34]

Find that haven by going to God and giving Him your heartaches.

Breathe in His presence.

Be Refreshed. There is a Haven. #haven Share on X
Mandy Farmer

Enjoy this Old-time Favorite

There is a Haven by the Cathedrals

Author: Dianne Wilkinson.
Copyright: © 1991 Homeward Bound Music (BMI). Used by Permission.
Album: The Best of Times (1991)

1. There is a Haven for every weary traveler
When the storm breaks the stillness of the night
There is a safe place for all the lost and lonely
To find shelter until the morning light

There is a Haven for the weary soul to run to
When you’re tired of all the guilt and all the shame
There is a Savior and His open arms are waiting
There is a Haven and Jesus is His name

2. There is a Haven of comfort for God’s children
You can find it when you speak His name in prayer
He’ll give you rest, then, from all your cares and labors
There’s a Haven, and the Lord will lead you there

Repeat Chorus

The above lyrics were excerpted from the following link

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  1. Mandy, you are right, there is a haven we can run to any time. Praise God that He loves and cares and is our refuge and strength. Blessings to you!

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