The Stained Shirt

I had bought my grandson a new white T-Shirt. I was ready to put it on him when that little voice inside me said “It’s going to get dirty. You’ll obsess that it didn’t stay white.” As I listened to the voice try to reason with me I just ignored it, put the shirt on my grandson, and started the day.

The shirt was doing really well until we hit dinner time. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese was on the menu and he is of the mind he is going to eat it by himself- no grammy helps.

He was excited to see the macaroni and heartily grabbed fist fulls and shoved them in his mouth. As he slowed the macaroni began to find its way onto his shirt and the powdered cheese began to do its staining work.

Out Out Darn Spot

After lunch, we took off the shirt and replaced it with another. Yep, it was pretty stained and soaking will hopefully help. But after three days of soaking, scrubbing, and spot treating the damage was done.

After a ride through the wash the shirt came out dingey and the stains were somewhat visible. Though I will never get that shirt white or removed the shadow of stains I know that I did my best and that things here on earth are not meant to be clean and pristine.

Much of life is like that nice white T-Shirt. We start out fresh and new and as we go through life things happen; sometimes through no fault of our own and sometimes through our direct sinful decisions.

New Again

When we ask for forgiveness we are immediately forgiven, but sometimes our sin has consequences that may last for a moment or for our earthly lifetime- leaving a stain that some people can see or only what we can see.

I’m glad, though I have stained my white T-Shirt, that Jesus will take that shirt and make it new again, never to be stained again. It won’t wear out or get dingy. It will sparkle forever, just like yours.

-Looking forward to my sparkly white forever T Shirt with you!- Michele

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