The Lord is My Shepherd

“The Lord is My Shepherd…”, those are truly amazing words. Shepherds were the lowliest of lowliest… career bottom of the barrel in Jesus’ time. So you should be in awe that God wants to shepherd you.

Sheep appear to be dumb and wander aimlessly. They will eat anything and everything whether it is good for them or bad. AND they will blindly follow any leader bad or good.

Sometimes we don’t like our boss. We may not agree with what he says, his leadership style, what he does, but if your boss is leading your company to be successful, grow and keep your job, there is respect to be shown even though you may disagree.

We are sheep friends, whether we like that idea or not. Baa! Baa! I wonder, wander and waver at times. But God gently walks along with me, reminding me of his love for me, looking ahead knowing all that lies before yet never stopping me. He wants me to look to him for help, not the path, not my fellow sheep, him.

  • Being a sheep in need of a shepherd today with you.

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