The Evolution of Eating: Part Three Food Science, Psychology, and Neuroscience

The Evolution of Eating continues. Today we are going to tackle the “why” we chose to eat what we eat. I’m going to attempt to share with you some interesting factors that play into our eating. Let’s put our “brainy” glasses on. We’re about to wade through some psychology and neuroscience.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard, “It’s all in your head”, I would be rich! The amazing part of that statement? IT’S TRUE! Everything is all in your head. The brain is powerful!

We could spend hours (not kidding, we could) talking about all the different aspects of food science, psychology, and neuroscience being interwoven. I shall try to be right to the point with what I’ve got to say (recipe folks are getting restless). There are resources for you to follow up with at the end of my “dissertation”. HA! Just kidding. This is not six chapters in a book!

Bringing you up to speed

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The human body was designed to eat food when we saw it. Store fat and expended calories with great efficiency. Time advanced, and civilization grew. We moved from our “farming way of life”, to an urban lifestyle. This urbanization continued to grow with advances in food preservation and the industrial mass production of food to live an urbanized life.

Adam and Eve set us on this “course” with one fatal choice. Today, we still have somebody whispering in our ear. Who is whispering? How are they whispering? Maybe, we don’t have a choice after all? Hmm.

Food doesn’t magically fly into our mouths. We choose to put food into our mouths. Our choice is like a coin; having two sides. I do have hope for you though. This hope comes in the form of letting you in on some interesting information, “dirty little secrets”, about food science, psychology, and neuroscience.

It’s all in your head

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I just want to add this disclaimer: I am not a dietician, nutritionist, or Doctor of anything. First, let’s tackle our issues with eating; genetics, and emotions. Then, we’ll move on to the “dirty part” of food science, psychology, and neuroscience.

For a healthy percentage of Americans, eating is no longer the struggle it used to be thousands of years ago. We’ve got food around every corner. Our homes pantries and freezers are full. We are blessed. The question remains, why do we struggle with eating? We struggle with two eating influences:

  • Our desire, which is influence by genetics, and behavior
  • The food industry has tapped into food science with phsycology, and neuroscience

It had to be you

Yes friends, on some level, you are responsible for what and how much you do eat. It’s your willpower and self-awareness that will control your food intake. But our genes play a role as well. According to the website “”,

“… recent studies suggest that genetics contribute to 40-70% of obesity with the discovery of more than 50 genes that are strongly associated with obesity. And she goes on to say,

“Science shows that genetics plays a role in obesity. Genes can directly cause obesity in specific disorders such as Bardet-Biedl syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome. However, genes do not always predict future health. Genes and behavior may both be needed for a person to be overweight.”

A little wiggle room

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

Oh goodie! Did you see that? “Genes and behavior may both be needed…”. And behaviors are a big part of how we eat. With many traditions in America, we celebrate getting together for Sunday Dinner, football parties, even work meetings, book clubs… The list goes on.

Our foreign exchange student from the Czech Republic observed that “we have food at everything we do”. As I listened to her express concern over “food everywhere”, I had to take a look at what she was saying and I agreed.

There are some really interesting insights coming up and I don’t want you to miss them. Till next time. Here is to good friends, good food, and healthy good life.


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