Making the Scriptures Part of Your Life

Making Scripture Part of Life

We’ve been talking about reading the scriptures. Let’s take it a step further and study the scriptures. When I was a young adult, I was challenged to start spending more time in the Word. Start with five minutes and increase it as you go. What I found, before long, I was spending an hour or more each day reading and studying the Word and loving every minute of it. And the Words have become a part of my life.

Susan Annete Muto states,

Our Spiritual life is refreshed whenever we take the time to savor these timeless values. They become a living part of who we are. The text is like a bridge between the limits of our life here and now and the possibilities awaiting us if we open our minds and hearts to God.

Pathways of Spiritual Living
Making the scriptures a part od my life #studyscripture #spiritualdisciplines

Making Habits is Difficult

Habits always hard to get started but once we do, it really isn’t all that hard. Find the best time to do some scripture reading. It will refresh your life. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Rise 15 minutes earlier. Start small with even just 5 minutes. And then increase it as you can. I like reading in the morning because it stays with me for the rest of the day. It seems to make my day go better.
  2. Read during your lunch hour. Find a quiet spot where you won’t get interrupted. Go out to your car; up to your bedroom, or even the bathroom.
  3. First thing when you get home from work. Sit down in your lounge chair and enjoy a few minutes with the Lord. If you have family, stop off at the park and read for a bit before arriving home. It might refresh your mind and help your leave work at the office.
  4. At the dinner table. This is actually a great time to have family devotions. After all, you need spiritual food just as much as you need physical food.
  5. At bedtime. This is a good way to remove all the crud out of our minds. It helps us have a good night’s rest.

Let the Scriptures Sink in. Study it.

  1. Listen to it – There are many sources available now to listen to God’s Word. For some of us, we do better when we hear instruction then trying to read it. You could download the reading of the Word and listen to it on your way to and from work. I recently read from a fellow blogger that she started following along while she listened and it revolutionized her Bible Reading. Most Bible apps which I shared earlier, offer reading the word aloud.
  2. S.O.A.K. it in – from Women Living Well
    • Scripture – Read the scripture carefully. Maybe write the scripture out in your journal.
    • Observe – Consider what stands out to you? What questions do you have?
    • Apply – How does the scripture apply to your life? Journal it.
    • Kneel – Talk to God about changes you need to make or claiming the promise.
  3. Hear God’s Voice – I love to use Ann Graham Lotz’s journaling study guide. You can go to AnGeL Ministries for a video lesson but here’s the short of it. And remember, you don’t have to do a whole chapter. It could just be a verse or two.
    • Write it Out
    • What does it Mean
    • What Does it Mean TO ME?
  4. Online studies. Just ask around and find one that works for you. Reading and studying the Bible really will make your life happier and fuller. Arabah Joy offers excellent reading plans ever month. Follow her blog for some great guidance.
  5. Proverbs 31 Ministries. You can join them online with great book studies by awesome authors like Lysa Terkhurst. This summer they will study one of my favorite authors, Wendy Pope’s new book, Hidden Potential. You can sign up now for more information. Or download the free app, First Five, and read a chapter a day – five days a week.
  6. Gracefully Truthful – I found this online study last year and have thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so, that, not only am I studying with them every day I have become a writer for them. This is an online Bible Study for women using strictly the Bible. There is no cost.
gracefully truthful

Let’s Get Started Studying!

Come by next week and we will talk ” the joy of journaling”.

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