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Here we go again. I am making a small pit-stop on our coffee journey. We are pulling over to the side of the road to share a beautiful scone recipe. People talk about being in a “zone”, well I am in the scone zone. Brace yourselves because this is the ULTIMATE scone recipe. No, I am not joking. This is the best scone recipe for ease, taste, and quality. EVER! E V E R!

I love a good scone. Way back, in early 2020, I wrote to you about my adventures with making scones and clotted cream, as well as lemon curd. The clotted cream was a bust, but the lemon curd was dead on! Scone recipes vary from a sweet scone to a savory. I am in the “sweet” scone camp, but have been searching for a sugar free recipe. Until now, I couldn’t find a sugar free scone recipe.

Changes on the horizon

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Just to refresh your memory, in January, I started a New Year campaign to lose weight. I began on Friday, January 7th,2022. On Monday, March 14, 2022, I ended my weight loss. I lost a total of 25 pounds and 10 oz. During the last three weeks of my weight loss, I began to look for recipes to replace sugary stuff I love.

On my list of things to find was a good scone recipe. One day, I was goofing around on YouTube, looking at different bread recipes, when I stumbled upon a great YouTube channel called Easy, Healthy, Tasty. This channel is out of Sydney, Australia. They work hard to keep things healthy, easy and tasty. Sounds like my kind of baking!

For copyright purposes, I cannot give you the recipe, but you can go to the YouTube channel here, Be sure to click “show more” under her YouTube show icon, and then you can get the recipe there. Just three ingredients! Club Soda, self-rising flour, and heavy whipping cream.

Three Ingredient Scones

Who does not love a simple recipe? This recipe for Three Ingredient Scones is going to knock your socks off. I enjoyed watching her put together the recipe. She is very bubbly and relaxed. I love a person who instills confidence in you right off the bat.

You will want to FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS for mixing. Do not think you can “go rogue”. The club soda is the major leavener in the recipe; along with the baking powder in the self-rising flour. I will quickly share a simple make at home self-rising flour recipe:

Self-Rising Flour Recipe

  • 4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 TABLESPOONS baking powder
  • 2 teaspoons salt

Mix and fluff with a fork. Store in an air-tight container.

There you go. Now nothing should be standing in your way, except for some club soda. Quick go run down and get a 1-liter bottle. All set? Let’s make some scones!

Be careful

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After you watch the YouTube video a couple of times, you will understand why she wants you to sift the flour into the bowl, carefully add the cream to the club soda, and carefully stir. It becomes about preserving the leavening agents within this recipe. So be careful.

Once you have added the cream/club soda to the flour, you will use a butter KNIFE to make a slow stir. You do not want to take the air out of the scones. These make such light, fluffy scones! I was in scone heaven making them. Just like she says, the dough feels pillowy soft!

If you want to add fruit, chocolate chips, cinnamon chips, etc., to your scone dough, do that before you dump it out on a generously floured counter. The dough is very wet. So, flour, flour, flour your counter.

Dough Therapy

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This recipe does not give you a lot of dough kneading therapy. If you have some frustrations, you should seek a positive outlet for that first, then come back and lovingly fold the dough over and squeeze it three times. If you want to make triangular scones, after the three folds and pats, give it a gentle pat to the sides and form a rectangle.

Once in a rectangle, take a knife or pastry scraper and cut one line down the middle of the dough length-wise. Then make seven width-wise cuts. Then inside each of those squares make one angle cut, giving you two triangles. Tada! Scones!

You can also take a biscuit cutter and make biscuit scones as well. Some folks use a glass jar or a drinking glass to cut out their scones. I prefer the rectangle because it eliminates taking the scraps and re-roll the dough to cut more biscuit scones. I feel it makes those last biscuit scones tough.

Darn delicious scones

If you love scones like me, you know scones are meant to be eaten warm and right away. Having a scone hang around longer than 24 hours is sacrilege. Scones do not stay soft and fluffy. BUT… I did discover that you can revive a scone in your air fryer- more about the air frying adventures later! I also tried freezing this dough. But have yet to get those out and bake them, so stay tuned!

These scones are light, fluffy, delicious, and pairs well with coffee or tea if you must. I especially enjoy the fact the recipe doesn’t contain processed sugar. There is no sugar, that I can find in the heavy whipping cream either. But I guess that would depend on what you use for whipping cream. Read the label. 🙂

Till next time, when we head out for some fun coffee adventures. Here is to good food, good friends and great coffee and scones.

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