Rhythms of Nature

Perhaps my favorite past time is observing nature. Nature has a rhythm that is comforting, relaxing, and simple. Every year God shows me another side to his creation.

Last year, 2019, I was witness to the hawk families second batch of baby hawks growing up. 2018 was the first batch and that was very interesting to watch. 2019 was just as interesting. The flight training, vocalizations, and one time, I even caught the catching prey training.

Every morning at around the same time I see the same group of birds fly in from their country roosts and make their way into town. Then in the evening as the sun is getting ready to set, they make their way back into the country.

The Great Blue Heron is very secretive and she/he is seen flying from our little creek to the next. The heron doesn’t like to be disturbed and is very wary of my presence. I guess you could say he/she is a bit of a snob.

This year I was witness to 3 batches of babies- two house wren, 1 robin. Baby birds are lots of work and very demanding. I am positive God sent me those experiences to remind me how precious life is, how dedicated parents must be in caring for and raising their children, and how draining it can be. He also wanted me to know how important I am to Trey and he appreciates my caring for him.

Lastly, and forever always, are the BEAUTIFUL sunrises I get to watch. It is so restorative and peaceful. I could go on and gush about sunrises but I will spare you my gushing. 🙂

I say this all so that you will daily go out and seek the simple from his natural world. Find something to restore you, reset your direction, and drive you to the one who is the maker of this all. He doesn’t want you dried up and spent. He wants you to grow, be joyful, and content.

-Praying for you to find and let His nature grow on you giving you a different life perspective.

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Michele Bruxvoort is sure to draw you in with her delightful sense of humor and love for living life.   She enjoys reading, repurposing,  as well as remodeling the family home with her husband. Drawing from her life experience as wife, mom, and follower of Jesus, Michele brings you a very honest and real perspective on life.  When you don't find her writing, you can find her mowing lawns, stocking shelves, taking care of her grandbaby and tackling her latest life adventure. Wisconsin native and empty-nester, she now makes her home with her husband of 27 years in the South West Prairie plains of Minnesota.

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