On Pins and Needles: Acupuncture Part Two

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First, I must apologize. Five weeks ago, I told you I would have a new acupuncture post for you. Instead, the stomach flu made the rounds. Like the Beach Boys’ song, “Get Around”, it sure did. I made two repeat performances. Nevertheless … On Pins and Needles: Acupuncture: Part Two.

Poking the Bear

It’s been said, you never want to ‘poke’ the bear, but in this case, I insist you do. The numbness, tingling, and sleepless nights had taken their toll. I was ready to try anything. 

The thought of tiny needles placed in multiple places on my back, neck, and arms was a bit unsettling, but it sure beats what was going on with my arm.

After an initial physical exam and some health questions, Dr. Kristen took my blood pressure, and I was cleared to continue to the acupuncture room. 

As she was preparing the needles, Dr. Kristen walked me through how she pinpoints areas that needed a needle. Starting at the base of my skull, Dr. Kristen felt around the musculature by my spine. Detecting a point that needed releasing, she gently inserted the needle.

Interestingly, Dr. Kristen immediately knew (upon insertion of the needle) if the area would be sensitive. To say the needle insertion hurt would not be accurate. It felt uncomfortable in some areas and others not. If I could describe it, it felt like a burst of warm energy. Uncomfortable but not painful.

Twenty-Seven Needles in All

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Sing that to the tune of “Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall”. Twenty-seven needles were between my neck, upper back, and spine, along with my shoulder, and then down the arm to my elbow, forearm, wrist, and thumb. 

Once all the needles were in place, Dr. Kristen began twisting and pulling up and down. This twist and pull were not painful, just uncomfortable in some areas.

 After all the needles had been worked, she turned down the lights, played some sounds of nature, and left me to lay for 10 minutes in the room. 

As I lay there, I thought about my expectations. I was hoping for immediate relief. I wanted the tendonitis to go away and not come back, and I wanted to be able to sleep on my side again. 

My treatment plan, per Dr. Kristen, was to come for three treatments in a row. 

Turning Around the Titanic

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When your body has adapted to poor habits of posture, it can take some time for the damage to show. In my case, I had put my keyboard at an improper level for typing. I typed for three years with a keyboard at an incorrect height. This led to tendonitis in my forearm.

During the drive home, I noticed my arm was warm and relaxed. Even though I had just one treatment under my belt, I felt better knowing I was tackling the problem, and I could feel a difference. Later in the evening, my arm began to spasm, so I used my tens unit.

I asked Dr. Kristen if acupuncture was a cure or simply a method for keeping my tendonitis at bay. She told me that with continued treatment and resting my arm that I could expect a full recovery. 

The reality? Tendonitis will come back with misuse or overuse.

I use my arm for many things during the day, one of which is writing articles, so the chances of resting it are slim. 

Acupuncture Accolades

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I continued with the two consecutive appointments, and by the third treatment, my arm felt great. I decided to have acupuncture treatment once a month. 

If I had money and time available in buckets, I’d go once or twice a week till the tendonitis disappeared altogether, but that’s not how life works.

I continue with exercises in my arm that stretch my forearm and shoulders, apply the tens unit as necessary, monthly massage, and keep my once-a-month acupuncture and chiropractor appointments.

Overall, I would highly recommend trying acupuncture before seeking pharmaceutical intervention. The human body was designed to heal naturally. Acupuncture has been a great natural healer for me.

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