lessons from The Straight Story

The Straight Story

“The Straight Story” starring Richard Farnsworth, Sissy Spacek, and Harry Dean Stanton was trending lately so we decided to watch it, too. We were glad we did!

movie of the week The Straight Story

It was based on a true story of two brothers who had been estranged for over ten years. Now getting up in years, they lived over 300 miles apart. Until the day one of them had a stroke. The story is about the second brother trying to get to his brother to make amends while he still had a chance.

No longer able to drive, Alvin Straight travels the 260 miles on his lawnmower, pulling a trailer. Along the way, he meets and converses with many people. These meetings, in my book, were God-ordained as he shares wisdom with them about family and other things.

Other than an exciting ride down a hill with no breaks, there is not a lot of excitement in the film but there are many lessons each of us can take to heart.

Some Wisdom from the Movie

  1. You can break one stick but bundle them together and they are unbreakable. That bundle is family.
  2. The worst part of getting old is remembering when you were young.
  3. On Getting Old: Learn to separate the wheat from the chaff. Let the little stuff go.
  4. A brother is a brother.
Straight Story - live together in harmony

In Conclusion

Go find this one and watch it together as a family. I think you might learn something.

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