Just a Touch

I have been reading in Mark 5. It talks about the demon-possessed man, the woman with a bleeding issue, and Jairus’s sick daughter. The common theme throughout the entire passage is faith and restoration.

My focus was on the woman who knew and believed in Jesus’s power. She had great faith and determination. She knew despite her social standing (since she bled all the time she was an outcast, unclean) nothing, and I mean NOTHING, was going to stand in her way of healing.

I can relate to her wanting to be healed. For years we tried and tried to have a baby of our own. I remember at the time, the news was reporting that an African statue on display somewhere in America was responsible for women’s fertility. All they had to do was touch the statue- that’s it.

My mom read the article and asked if I thought I should drive to the place it was on display and touch it. Though the thought of becoming pregnant was very important, I was not going to touch some wooden idol- because that is what it was- a wooden idol.

God had other plans for my infertility and it was to adopt a baby named Gabrielle. I can see that now, but back then it was very painful. It is hard to come to the conclusion that God directs EVERY aspect of your life. Right down to microscopic events.

Can you remember a time you wanted a healing for something? Just a touch no matter the cost?

-Pursuing a touch from Jesus today with you.

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