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Looking For a Great Gift Idea?

We’re winding up the graduations for the season and I’m thinking you may have struggled to find that perfect legacy graduation gift.

I’m sorry I didn’t really come across this sooner for you but if I had, I would have had to think of it years sooner. My parents gave each one of us a new leather Thompson Chain-Reference Bible when we graduated high school and I believe they continue to do that for the grandchildren.

A few years back a friend of mine shared that she was journaling in her Bible to give the Bible to her son at graduation. This was the 2nd time she had done it and was now purchasing a new Bible in preparation for the third graduating child.

Legacy Gift Idea

That really struck me as an awesome legacy graduation gift. To think that that child would have forever notes and thoughts written by their mother in a Bible she used for several years. Inside that Bible would be thoughts she had while reading the scriptures, sermon points from a pastor, highlighted verses that were particularly special to her. It would be like having her with them every morning as they studied the Word.

This was all before the creative journaling became the latest craze.

Bible journaling is coloring directly in your Bible or a companion notebook.

I really hadn’t given much thought to the idea until recently. I knew that you could now purchase a notetaker’s Bible which I thought was an excellent idea. Finally giving us a little room to write down our thoughts. However, I had never really given much thought to this as being a way to drive the Word of God deeper into our hearts.

Then my friend Sara B. contacted me about her new Bible Journaling Packet for Beginners .. uh, that would be me.  Sara has gone to all the trouble of putting together the things people are wanting as they try out this new craze.

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Now Really ….. Isn’t that Just the Thing for a Lasting Legacy Gift!

Learn more about how it’s done at The Holy Mess!

Trust in the Lord Journaling Kit

  • 30 day Bible Reading Plan: All these Bible passages focus on TRUST. Use these verses to study deeper and then do a little journaling to cement The Word of God in your heart and mind.
  • Daily Journaling Page This page can be duplicated over and over for you to record your Bible study time.
  • Traceable Margin Strips. Put these strips behind your Bible page and trace the design onto your page.
  • Bible Journaling Quotes and Doodles Those of us that are not artistic, print these on card stock, color them, and you have lovely verses to post for yourself or to give away! find these traceable designs a perfect fit.
  • Practice Font Pages Do you want to practice your lettering before putting it on paper. These pages are for you.
  • Bible Verse Coloring Cards. Print these scripture cards on card stock, color them, and Voila! lovely cards to give away or keep for yourself as your memorize each verse.

Bible Journal Kit

The digital kit, Trust in the Lord Bible Journaling kit walks you through a month of Bible journaling. The Kit is $21. Not only this but you can also get support and encouragement at Sara’s Facebook group, Click here to join! Facebook Bible Journaling Group

Want a sample to try it out?

Click here for some free printables!

Have Fun!

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