Mayo Clinic – How Healthcare Should Be Done

HEALTHCARE UPDATE 2021: Mayo Clinic ranked No. 1 hospital in the nation by U.S. News & World Report – Mayo Clinic News Network

Inside the Doors of Mayo Clinic

As soon as we entered through the doors at Mayo Clinic, we felt peace and hope. We had never experienced anything like the atmosphere and the love and care we felt when we arrived.

When we turned the car onto the campus we felt peace. We saw beautiful landscaping with trees and flowers and water fountains as we drove onto the campus. We drove right up to the building we needed to check into.

Entering Mayo Clinic
photo credit: Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

Faith – Hope – science

As we pulled up to the doors, men stepped forward and helped me from the car into a wheelchair, if needed. Yes, I did need a wheelchair at that first visit. Other men, offered to park the car for us so that my husband and I would not be apart for even a moment.

Davis Bldg Mayo Clinic
Davis Bldg    Photo Credit: Mayo Clinic

As we entered the building,  caring people directed us to wherever we needed to go. They helped checked us in and find our way to our doctor. I hear that at the Home campus in Minneapolis, a live pianist keeps the atmosphere peaceful.

We had never experienced anything like this at any other medical facility. The doctor spent all the time we needed as we shared with him our story. We returned home to wait fo scheduling.

There would be a four-month wait to be scheduled for more testing and visit 5 different specialists. We returned for a three-day stay for lots of testing and visiting with these doctors. This was the week that really impressed us.

Blood Work

First, we went for blood labs. We entered a large room like a small auditorium. I  may have had about 150 seats for patients waiting to get blood labs done. My first thought was. “We’re going to be here awhile.”  So we sat down to wait for our turn.

Across the front of the room was ten or so doors. Every few moments a technician would appear in one of the doors and call out a name. Amazing to see that people came from all around the world to find answers at Mayo Clinic. Within 10-15 minutes, my name was called and I followed them to a long row of stations where people were having blood drawn. And again, I never experienced such ease at sticking me and drawing blood. (This first time, 16 vials of blood were drawn) I asked her if she was going to leave any blood for me. 🙂

Day 2 & 3

The next morning all the labs were back and we began visiting doctors and having other types of tests. Everyone we dealt with was so understanding and compassionate. Every doctor was amazing. By the end of day 3, we had diagnosis and orders for therapy and medications. We have continued to visit the Rheumatology department and the pain clinic since that week in 2012. We always feel as though we are the only one that matters. Care and concern are of most importance to them. We always go in the doors with hope and back out the doors encouraged.

At the end of that week of appointments, I received my diagnosis – Central Sensitivity Syndrome (CSS) with indications of fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, and Myofascial Pain Syndrome. In other words, I have a lot of pain. The doctor gave us orders for medication and therapy to be administered in our hometown.

Ken Burns’ Documentary

Ken Burns just released a documentary about the history and philosophy of Dr. W W Mayo and his two sons since the beginning in 1883. If you see this advertised on PBS again, take the time to watch it. Everything they say, we have found to be the truth.

Documentary Promo


This is how health care ought to be done.

Mandy Farmer

P.S. Unfortunately, in 2023, Mayo Clinic has stopped accepting Medicare Advantage patients. 🙁

Learn more about my Journey with Chronic Pain at “Waiting and Trusting” on my personal page.

If you are a PBS member, you can watch this streaming video. It is also available for purchase on the PBS online store.

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6 Comments on “Mayo Clinic – How Healthcare Should Be Done”

  1. It’s good to know that some clinics are still focusing on the patient and not just the bottom line. Thank you for sharing, I pray that God continues to guide you along this path.

  2. I barely touched on their philosophy but Mayo is an excellent example of what the government should be looking into.

    Doctors are paid salary. Not by the patient so they are inclined to do everything they can do to help the patient. And they have 2,000 plus other doctors that address willing to give advice. It’s amazing.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. Mayo Clinic is an amazing gift. I have so many people who have doctored at the Bain campus. Thankful for this hospital and its doctors, nurses, staff.

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