Holi-daze. Holidays

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Right now, I sit on the brink of writing disaster. Thanksgiving is two weeks away, and Christmas is around 46 days away. I’m in a holi-daze. Not quite sure how to plan my attack.

This year the holidays will have significant meaning. We, as a family, are in peacetime, recovery, and healing. The pressure and stress we felt from the court case and things related to that- were dumped like bags of garbage into a burn pile. The match struck instant flames. It feels good to unburden and release.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and it’s taken quite a hit for the last five years. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate all that we are blessed with. We share the bounty of love and living well- all from God’s good hands. So very thankful.

We have reason to celebrate as God’s people. As Americans and in our individual lives. Despite what is pushed upon us and the world- WE ARE PREVAILING.

Today, I’ll be gathering recipes. watching my favorite little boy dance merrily around the kitchen, playing his “trombone” (an old coffee maker stem), hopping and bopping as he makes his joyful sound. I carefully reflect on what we were brought out of and rescued from. I could bring tears to my aging face, but I stop, and replace them with a smile.

My grandson/son will know the joy of thankfulness as we celebrate Thanksgiving together. And together is the very best part.

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