Grapes in the Desert

I’ve been reading through Hosea and I ran into a particularly interesting verse.

10 “When I found Israel,

    it was like finding grapes in the desert;

when I saw your ancestors,

    it was like seeing the early fruit on the fig tree.

NIV Bible Gateway

Can you imagine God comparing finding you to that of finding grapes in a desert? Just think how refreshing, how satisfying it would be to find grapes in a hot dry desert.

I love God’s use of nature. He has certainly intended that we use his beautiful earth and nature to reflect through it upon our lives and living it. Nature was also meant to have us ask questions that lead us back to God. There are clues everywhere of God’s existence, we need only to get out into nature, watch a sunrise or sunset to know HE IS LORD!

YOU are important to God. He takes great delight in us as individuals and corporately as well.

– Feeling like a refreshing grape that God finds in a desert with you.- Michele

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