NOTE: Bleary eyed, without coffe, I thought I read the word for today was “Good”. Guess I wasn’t PATIENT enough and rocketed off to write some “Good”.- uff

God is good, all the time. All the time God is good. Today is a day of goodness at the expense of someone else. It’s hard to think that someone, for my good, died for me, today.

I saw the good Mary Magdalene pour out upon the Lord’s feet, wiping his feet with her tears. The good she felt so unworthy of. The good she felt in someone showing her her worth. The good of being included in a group. The good of a man who wanted her best for eternity.

For my good Jesus died. For my good he rose in victory. For my good he prepares me a place. All for my good. Created with good works for me to do, grace beyond measure for my soul. From the seven days of creation and throughout eternity, “It was good.”

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6 Comments on “FMF: GOOD”

  1. God is always very good,
    and God is always kind,
    but at times the way He shows it could
    make me lose my mind.
    This cancer doth fulfill His plan,
    and I may not last the summer,
    but the pain, man, oh, man,
    it surely is a bummer.
    Still and all, I won’t complain
    (I might get hit by lightning!),
    but seriously, it’s no strain,
    and it’s not even frightening,
    for on the trip unto my Calvary,
    Christ is here, and walks with me.

  2. I had the same problem. I think I was influenced by Good Friday, but I did realize the prompt was Patient before I got started. I love that you point out Christ’s good works and that he has good works for us to do. It always amazes me that God includes us in His plan.

  3. I saw that you were the post before me and immediately thought I had read the prompt wrong 🙂 But all is good as I needed to read “grace beyond measure for my soul. ” So grateful for the grace He pours out on each of us day after day. May you have a blessed Easter!

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