Cold And Slow

Last week during one of the cold snap days, I discovered two toads floating helplessly in my little pond. I carefully stepped to the back of the pond and one by one lifted each toad out.

Before taking them out I noted how effortlessly they floated in the pond. It looked rather peaceful. A big toad floating up top the pond water, bumping here and there into the sides and occasionally moving their front legs to position.

I noted how cold each toad was, but that made sense because toads are amphibians and are cold-blooded. I set the first one down and he hardly moved. So upon retrieving the second, I cupped it in my hand and blew my hot breath over him for a few minutes.

Once I was satisfied I had done enough to prepare them for life back on soil I let them go. They crawled slowly back under my hostas.

Do you ever find yourself with cold Christianity? You are just floating along, not really putting in too much effort? I find that I can do so well for a period of time. I get up early, read my bible, pray, and meditate on His word throughout the day. Then one day, I get up late, don’t get the time in, and shortly it becomes a series of days, then weeks that I am not spending with the Lord… I’ve gone cold.

Like those toads, I need to be warmed by God’s word. I need my environment to be filled with prayer and meditation- warming my heart and my mind. In doing this I can “hop” out the gospel in what I am doing wherever I go.

-Working with you to consistently keep my “Christianity” warm and moving so I don’t grow cold.

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4 Comments on “Cold And Slow”

  1. Been thinking on just that thing this week. Those little moments and choices add up don’t they. My issue is I get cold and then I get grumpy. Back to the morning routine I think. Linked up near you at Anita’s Inspire Me Monday Link Up. Glad I found this blog !

  2. This is a great piece of insight. I love that frog imagery. We’ve got to keep moving if we want to stay warm. Thanks for sharing. Visiting today from the Inspire Me Monday link up. Have a great week!

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