Camping Campfire Cuisine: Dessert

It’s time for camping! We did own a pop-up camper when we lived in Wisconsin. We enjoyed camping, especially Brad. I had a hard time with all the stuff that had to “sit out” in the camper and sometimes drove myself a little crazy constantly picking up and trying to find room for everything. But I did enjoy some great camping campfire cuisine and wanted to share a few recipes with the dessert theme.

Our most memorable camping was done at Indian Trails in Pardeeville, Wisconsin. If you have the chance to wander with your camper, go check out Indian Trails campground here. Lots to see and do. Indoor and outdoor pool, lake swimming, license-free lake fishing, kayaking, paddle boating, walking trails, and more. Not too far from Wisconsin Dells, this campground is pretty quiet early week and bustling on the weekend. Famous for their Saturday and Sunday donuts as well as their themed weekends!

Let’s get to some great campfire dessert recipes!

Campfire dessert!

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A little commentary here- this first recipe grossed me out at first. Warm banana! Who wants a warm banana? But after trying the banana boat, I was hooked. Fun for adults and little kids! And it’s a fruit, so everyone can check that off their list for the day! Great opportunity for EVERYONE to help make banana boats.

Banana Boats

  • one banana per person
  • bag of mini chocolate chips
  • bag of mini marshmallows
  • tin foil
  • spoon for scooping out some of the banana
  • bowl for the banana that was scooped out
  • knife for cutting back banana peel

STEP ONE: Take a banana a make to cuts length wise from the banana stem to the stalk on each side, top center of the banana- wide enough so you can dig out some of the banana with a spoon.

STEP TWO: Pull back the peel from the stem to the stalk BUT DO NOT remove the peel from the banana.

STEP THREE: Take a spoon and dig a trench in your banana by removing some of the banana flesh from the stem to the stalk and eat it or save it in a bowl for pancakes or muffins.

STEP FOUR: In the trench of your banana place mini chocolate chips- as much as you desire. I take a spoon and sprinkle them.

STEP FIVE: On top of your mini chocolate chips add mini marshmallows and then take the attached banana skin and put it back over the filled banana trench.

STEP SIX: Wrap in tin foil and carefully place on top of campfire coals for 5 minutes. Carefully remove from the coals with tongs, open tin foil, and remove banana, place in a bowl, and enjoy!

Orange Cakes

More commentary- this recipe is a mainstay with the Scouts! It’s ridiculously fun to try and the flavor will surprise you! A bit more digging out of the fruit to make a bowl. Be careful with how hard you dig, don’t poke a hole in your cake bowl! Have fun!

  • An orange per person
  • 1 box of a cake mix flavor of your choice, pre-made so the batter is ready to go!- chocolate and orange are good, but so is French vanilla and orange! Decisions, decisions…
  • bowl for the orange fruit to eat or save for a fruit salad or breakfast treat
  • spoon for scooping
  • knife for cutting open the orange
  • tin foil
  • tub of store-bought frosting or powdered sugar

STEP ONE: Cut off the top 1/4 of an orange, scoop out the orange fruit from the inside of the orange. Be careful NOT to poke a big hole in the peel. 🙂

STEP TWO: Take prepared cake mix batter and pour into the orange peel bowl till 3/4 full. Replace the top orange peel cap.

STEP THREE: Wrap in tin foil. Keep your orange cake in an upright position and place over good coals. Bake for 20 to 30 minutes. Turn once or twice.

STEP FOUR: Remove from coals and enjoy by topping with store-bought frosting or powdered sugar.

Eat and enjoy!

Friends! I ran out of room… stay tuned for more Camping Campfire Cuisine next week!

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