Baking Cookies with Fibromyalgia .. or Not

baking cookies with fibro

Dear Sis,

Can you believe I only baked one batch of Christmas cookies this year? I Cut-out cookiesused to make double batches of 5 or 6 different kinds of cookies. Remember how we used to gather with our cousins and bake cookies all day after Thanksgiving? We must have made a thousand cookies back then. But it is nearly impossible for me anymore. First of all, it’s only me around here now. My husband, bless his heart, is trying to convince me that I should just quit baking cookies but it really breaks my heart to stop. 🙁  He’s probably right ’cause he usually is.

Thank Heaven for My Daughter’s Help

But baking cookies is like therapy to me. Plus, everyone loves my cookies. My daughter came over just after Thanksgiving and we made some cut-out cookies. After that I could hardly stand up for a day or so. Thankfully, I have the anti-fatigue cushioned floor mats in my kitchen or I would have been out for more than a day.

The few dozen cookies we made disappeared in about a week. I saw some of that cookie dough at the grocery {gasp!} where all you need to do it bake them. They were on sale so I bought two packs, took them home and baked them. They were good but, of course, not as good as homemade. The family gobbled them up as well. So we had no cookies for Christmas at our house.

Family Favorite Cheese Straws, oh Yeah!

Just before Christmas, my daughter called and said she was making cheese straws (a staple in the Farmer family). She wanted to make enough to give every household a tin full of them. It’s a big job so I begged my husband to take me over to her apartment. She was trying out some of the new gadgets she received as wedding gifts from Pampered Chef. Let me just say that the marble rolling pin is worth every penny. It makes rolling the dough SOOOOO much easier. On the negative side, it is very heavy .. too heavy for me to handle.

My son likes the Chocolate Spritz. I’m hoping Chocolate Spritzthat I can get some made soon so at least he will have a taste of them. I’ll have to wait until payday though so I can buy some butter.

My husband is trying to convince me that it isn’t worth the cost or the pain to make the homemade cookies. But it’s just another one of those things I have always loved to do that fibromyalgia and arthritis is taking away from me. It’s so frustrating.

Well, I hope you have started your New Year off right. I’m going to try to back off on some more of the things I love to do. Maybe I can find new things I can love to do from the couch, like crocheting.

With Love,


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4 Comments on “Baking Cookies with Fibromyalgia .. or Not”

  1. Dear Mandy,
    Oh, I sure can relate! I used to make dozens and dozens of cookies–enough to share with the neighbors, and family too. But like you, Fibromyalgia and RA have narrowed my choices of what I am able to do. I am just glad that I can still gather with family! Thank God that He allows us to still keep loving! Blessings to you on this New Year!

  2. Oh Bettie you are so right. The best part of this past holiday was sitting and watching the children together and hearing their laughter. In the past I imagine I was too busy to notice.

  3. I hate it when age and infirmity keeps us from doing doing what we love to do :/. You’ve had a very busy season. Praying that you have the strength to do what you enjoy!

  4. Thanks, Anita. I plan to sneak a little baking in once and a while. The trick I believe is to make just small batch so that I am not on my feet so long!

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