8 Christmas Movies You May Have Missed

Christmas Movies

Have you had your fill of Christmas Movies?

I’ve been feverishly watching Christmas movies this month. And yet, I didn’t watch a single new Christmas movie. Unless you count watching Die Hard with Bruce Willis a Christmas movie. I did sit down and watch that with my son this year. And you’re right; it has nothing to do with Christmas other than it happens at a Christmas party.

We have over 40 Christmas movies in our possession and I was content to watch the ones we had.  I didn’t even check out Hallmark Movie Channel and see the line-up of new movies they had. Not a single one. I really wasn’t much into a romance kind of mood this year. When I look at my list here, I see that I was more in a military mood. Though some did have a romance in the story.

Anyway,  I watched the oldies (like Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life, How the Grinch Stole Christmas) and thought maybe you are looking for something different to watch yourself. Everyone else has offered to traditional and popular ones, so here are a few to choose from that are still around to rent and purchase.

My List of Christmas Movies

Silent Night

I fell in love with this Christmas movie. Fact-based World War II story set on Christmas Eve, 1944, finds a German Mother and her son seeking refuge in a cabin on the war front. When she is invaded by three American soldiers and then three German soldiers, she successfully convinces the soldiers to put aside their differences for one evening and share a Christmas dinner. Hallmark Movie made in 2002

Watch on Hallmark or Amazon Video

The Christmas Card

Hallmark Channel original film written by Joany Kane and directed by Stephen Bridgewater. It was filmed on location in Nevada City, California and in Park City, Utah, and was released on December 2, 2006

In the midst of war in Afghanistan, U.S. Army Master Sergeant Cody Cullen (John Newton) is given a Christmas card from a fellow soldier who had received it from his hometown, Nevada City, California. The card was sent by Faith Spelman (Alice Evans). As months pass, the card never leaves his side. Cody, who has no family, and whose father was killed during the Vietnam War, is deeply affected when the soldier who gave him the card is killed. A few weeks before Christmas, Cody travels to see the soldier’s widow, back in Nevada City. Just as he is about to leave town, Cody runs into Faith at a local luncheonette, where they happened to have placed identical orders.

Yeah, this one is a romance. Watch  it free on Youtube

The Christmas Visitor

A father struggles with the past. A daughter fights for the future. A mother searches for answers. The Boyajians have not celebrated Christmas in 11 years. They lost their faith when they lost their son to the Persian Gulf War. Now a stranger has joined them – around the same age the boy would have been. Is he a con artist? Or is this young man the miracle their family has been waiting for. William Devane, Reagan Pasternak and Dean McDermott star in a remarkable story of loss and renewal. This Christmas, a stranger will change them forever. Hallmark movie made in 2002.

Does not seem to been available to rent. Purchase on Amazon

November Christmas

A small Rhode Island community comes together to create special holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas) moments several weeks early for Vanessa Marks, an 8-year-old girl with a life-threatening illness. 2010 Hallmark Movie avilable through Amazon Prime Video .

Christmas in Canaan

An unlikely friendship blossoms between two 10 year-old boys from different backgrounds during the racially charged backdrop of rural Texas, 1964. Through the years into manhood, prevailing attitudes and the growing civil rights movement severely test their friendship. Available on Amazon Prime

OK, For All You Romantics

Three Days 

Ten years ago, Andrew Farmer (Reed Diamond) married his childhood sweetheart, Beth (Kristin Davis). Now Andrew is a high-powered literary agent, and his relationship with his wife has not fared as well. After a marital argument about his possible infidelity, Beth runs out at midnight and, whilst trying to retrieve their neighbors’ dog in the middle of the street, she is killed by a car, on Christmas Eve. An angel, Lionel (Tim Meadows), gives Andrew the chance to relive the last three days as if his wife was alive. There’s a catch: he cannot change the fate of his wife. Made in 2001

Watch it for free on Youtube.

Fallen Angel

Successful California attorney Terry McQuinn (Sinise) looks back on his childhood in Maine. When Terry’s father dies, he returns to Maine to take care of and settle his father’s small estate. While there, he also tends a house his father cared for when Katherine Wentworth (Richardson), a New York social worker whose parents owned it before their divorce, decides to show the house to her adopted blind daughter, Olivia (Jordy Benattar) and calls to ask Terry to re-open the house.

Watch on Amazon Prime

Here’s a New One I found this Year 2022

A Dog Named Christmas

A developmentally challenged young man with a penchant for caring for animals in need sets out to convince his family – and their whole rural community – to participate in a local shelter’s inaugural “Adopt a Dog for Christmas Program.”

Hallmark Channel, A Dog Named Christmas (TV Movie 2009) – IMDb

Alrighty, friends! Enjoy your Christmas Movie Watching!.

Mandy Farmer

P.S. If you don’t want to watch a movie, here are some Christmas book suggestions for you.

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  1. I love watching Christmas movies. I watched new ones this year and not a single classic.
    I’ve seen the first two on your list and they are great choices.
    Thanks for the others on your list and where to find them. I will watch at least one of them this week.

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