8 Benefits of Regular Bible Study

Benefits of regular Babile Study

In this post, I would like to offer you 8 benefits of Bible study along with 5 reasons why you should develop the habit. But first, let me ask you a question: If you looked at all the books you own, which one would be your favourite? Do you have one that you would definitely pack if you were moving to another home?

For me, that book would be my Bible. It’s a book that I consider as my life manual as God speaks to me through the pages of my Bible. What does this mean? Simply that the words are life-giving and life-changing. It is definitely a book worth reading.

What a joy it is to study the world’s best selling book of all time, the Bible! If you could peek in on me sometimes as I’m studying, you might find me hugging my Bible and thanking God for it!

I read an interesting article the other day on why the Bible is a best seller and I love this quote:

No one is required to own, read or believe the Bible but people buy it in droves.

Ennis Pepper, Why The Bible Is The True Best Seller

Isn’t that interesting? With all that’s going in the world today, people are still buying the Bible.

So, why isn’t the Bible read or studied more? There is a number of reasons, I’m sure, but today I want to give you what I believe are the benefits of studying the world’s best selling book.

5 Reasons to Study the Bible

8 Reasons to study the Bible

We all have different reasons to study. I know why I study my Bible and I’d like to share those reasons with you.

1. The Bible is God’s Word

First of all, Paul, in his letter to Timothy (2 Timothy 3:16) tells us that all Scripture is given by God and that it is beneficial for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness. This verse could be a good topic for a Bible study or sermon!

Not only is Scripture given by God but it is also complete and full. It doesn’t need anything added to it nor taken away from it. Revelation 22:18-19 reminds us of what will happen if the Bible is tampered with.

Though there are many who write commentaries, the authors are giving their ideas on what the passages mean along with some insight into the original meaning and historical background. However, all you need is your Bible and the Holy Spirit to help you study. God’s Word is complete in itself.

2. To Learn What God Said

You won’t know what God has said in His Word unless you spend time reading and studying it. His Word is a lamp guiding where you walk and a light to see the path that you’re walking on, Psalm 119:105.

To know what God has said, you need to spend time with Him in reading and studying His written Word. When you are familiar with what God has said, you will be able to recognize truth from error and believe me, there is much error disguised as truth out there.

3. To Know God Better & Recognize His Voice

When you are with your friends, two things happen: you learn more about them and you learn to recognize their voices.

Jesus said in John 10:27 that His sheep will recognize His voice. Just like an infant knows the voice of his mother, you will know the voice of Jesus as you spend time with Him every day. And when you know God’s voice, you will be able to recognize when it isn’t Him speaking to you.

4. To Avoid Making Errors

The best way to avoid making errors is to know what God would say about the decisions you make. The Bible is full of God’s will and commands and when you study it, you will be able to make correct decisions. God doesn’t want you to fail but He also won’t give you Biblical knowledge through absorption. You need to make the time for regular Bible study.

5. To Live a Transformed Life

What does that mean, to live a transformed life? Well, basically it means to put into practice the truth that you’ve learned from the Word. Romans 12:1-2 tells us not to be conformed to this world but rather to be transformed by renewing your mind which is the truth you’ve been learning.

Also, God has given a simple command to ‘be holy as I am holy,‘ Leviticus 11:44. That little two-letter word, BE, does not imply that we have an option. It is a command or a demand, both mean the same thing.

8 Benefits for Bible Study

8 Benefits of Regular Bible Study

In no particular order, here are eight benefits that you will receive with regular study. If you’re not already studying the Bible, then hopefully these points will sit well with you and encourage you to open the pages of your most beloved book, the Bible.

1. Grow in Biblical Knowledge

A baby doesn’t grow without being fed. The infant needs nutrition that will provide his little body to grow strong. It’s the same with you and your Bible. You won’t grow spiritually knowledgeable by osmosis. You need to study the Word.

While there are many study methods to choose from, my personal favourite is the Inductive Bible Study Method that I learned from Precepts Ministries.

If you study inductively, you will gain the most understanding of Biblical knowledge than with other methods. More than that, you will remember what you’ve learned and that’s always a big plus!

2. Your Spiritual Strength will Grow

Regular studying of God’s Word will help grow and strengthen your faith. It is only through the Word of God that your faith will grow. We know that from Paul’s statement in Romans 10:17, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. This means your spiritual muscles will grow when you hear the Word preached and when you study it.

3. To Know Your Salvation is Secure

The enemy has one job and that is to kill, steal and destroy, John 10:10. So, one of the things he wants to steal from you is the assurance of your salvation. He will feed you lies that you are not really saved, just like he lied to Eve about the fruit from the tree of knowledge. He twisted the truth which caused her to act on a lie and, well, you know the rest.

Did you know that your salvation is spoken of in the pages of His Word? Without knowing what it says, you could very well begin to doubt your salvation. So, yes, this is a huge benefit for regular Bible Study…the assurance of your faith.

4. It is the Source of Wisdom and Knowledge

King Solomon is known as the wisest man in the Bible. He loved God and walked in obedience to the law and commands. God appeared to Solomon in a dream one night and said to him, “Ask what I shall give thee.”

Wow! God was giving him a blank cheque! Solomon didn’t have to take any time to think it over to figure out what he wanted the most.

In 1 Kings 3:9, he responds with this, “Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad…”

This pleased God who then approved his request and gave him an understanding heart. Oh, and God didn’t stop there, in addition, He gave Solomon riches and honour so that there would be no other king like him all of his life, 1 Kings 3:13.

I said all that to say this, Solomon is the author of Proverbs and teaches the reader about knowing wisdom and instruction. You can be a student of wisdom every time you open your Bible to study.

5. Learn and Understand the Warnings

Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries, nor is it smooth sailing every day. And not just in your personal life, but in society in general, life isn’t easy. And, every day, decisions are made that change the course of our social beliefs and our morals and values.

This shouldn’t take you by surprise as the Bible mentions the things to come. It gives you the warning signs, what to watch out for and what to do when it happens.

This, in itself, is one reason to study the Bible. As believers, you can know what to expect and how to prepare for it.

But the warnings aren’t just futuristic, they are also for today. You are warned about being deceived by false teachers and how to recognize them.

It tells you what idolatrous living is and how to turn away from it. And, it explains what will happen if you continue to live in sin. Learn and understand what it says so you can put it into practice.

6. Develop a Life-Long Habit of Bible Study

One of the biggest joys of my life is reading my Bible. Well, more than that. Studying my Bible. Oh, and writing out my Bible. Yes, all of these, reading, writing and studying are now a part of my regular habits.

I’m sure you have heard it said that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. There are other sources that say it takes more than two months, 60 days, to form a new habit. However long it takes, will you develop this new habit?

Here’s a question for you, do you need to study every single day?

Personally, I think you can break that up between three activities, with each activity beginning with prayer.

Image created and owned by Cindy Barnes

Can I suggest that you develop a schedule that will incorporate these three activities? Make sure they will always include prayer, though. Daily prayer is significant and the greatest way to draw closer to God.

Honestly, I don’t think it will be long before you have grown a need for regular time with God. Though you are busy with being a wife and mom or grandmother, it is still very important for your spiritual health to make the time to spend with God. Notice that I didn’t say, take the time to spend with God. We need to make the time. Add to your calendar, God Time so you remember to meet with Him.

7. Your Focus Will Become God-Centered

Every time you spend in God’s presence, you come away with a sense of awe and awareness of the magnitude of God. He is so awesome, so amazing and yet full of love, mercy, and grace for His children.

When you are focused on God, there is no room for you to be focused on yourself.

Naturally, we are sinful beings and we look to see how we can benefit from things. Remember the “me, me, me” attitude that your children often display? When we are focused on God, your attitude will be concerned with what God wants and you won’t be full of the “me-isms.”

8. You Will Become Christ-Like

Romans 8:29 tells us to be conformed to the image of God’s son. Paul also tells us in 2 Corinthians 3:18 that we are being transformed into His image. And in the Gospels, Jesus said to the men whom He selected to be His disciples, come follow Me.

Quite clearly, we are told to be Christ-like. As you study the Bible, you will learn what Jesus is like and then you can imitate Him.

The good news is that you can be like Christ. As you read, write and study the Word, your knowledge of God and Jesus will increase and you will find that you are thinking of WWJD.

What would Jesus do? As you ask yourself this question in your everyday activities, you’ll find yourself becoming more and more like Him.

Wrapping this Up

Well, there you have it. Five reasons why you should study the Bible along with eight benefits of studying. I hope you found this helpful and that it encourages you to make the time for regular Bible study.

After reading these two lists, is there anything that you can add to either why you should study or the benefits of regular study? We’re looking forward to reading your comments.


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  1. Love these lists!! Bible study has become very much a part of my life within the past 6 months and I love how literally all of the benefits you’ve listed are so true!!

  2. Hi, Amy. That thrills my heart to hear that Bible study is so important to you! I’m glad that you resonate with the reasons for studying the Bible and the benefits of Bible study. What is your current Bible Study style and what are you studying now?

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