The Evolution of Eating: Part Two

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Welcome back to the Evolution of Eating: Part Two! In this week’s article, I plan on shedding more light on why we eat what we eat. Grab a cup of coffee, and a cookie (yep, I just said cookie, cause you’ll only eat one), find a nice chair, and settle in. We are headed to the 19th century.

Fast forward with me from the dawn of time; through wars, famine, plagues, and inventions till we hit the 19th century. We have arrived at the age of Industrialization and Urbanization. This is where we will get off and watch food revolutionize. Some advancements are for the better, others… not so much.


Just as a refresher, humans spent the greater part of history as hunter-gather/farmers, living in rural areas. Some lived in small communities for protection and trading. As time passed, population and invention grew. Towns and cities were formed. And more people began to be urbanized.

Urbanization led to more folks using less of their farming skills. Relying more on the food preservation inventions of canning, and chemical preservatives. Which led to more jobs in the new and booming food system industries. Raising your chickens, a cow or two for milk and meat, slowly became a thing of the past. Rural family farming removed homesteading philosophies.

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The Evolution of Eating

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Since it is January, I decided some things in my life needed to change. One of the changes I was committed to making was to lose weight. Part of losing weight is identifying why you eat/overeat, what you eat and how much you’re eating. As part of my investigation into answering those questions, I have become extremely interested in the evolution of eating. I think what I am about to share with you may surprise you.

Before we jump into the evolution of eating, I want to explain how/why I decided to lose some weight.

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Never Despise Small Beginnings

Have you Chosen your One Word for 2019?

So, everyone is talking resolutions or #ONEWORD365 so I may as well join in the “fun”. Honestly, it’s getting a bit frustrating to meet any kind of goal these days. I’m coming up on 8 years of chronic pain. As you may have noticed just by looking at my one words I started out with a good attitude but to tell the truth, I’m getting frustrated about it all.

Before Chronic Pain, I tried to set goals that never seemed to accomplish much. Then I learned about ONEWORD365. This challenge is where you choose a word that you apply to your life throughout the year. Whenever you have a decision to make or an issue to deal with, you apply the word and let it make you a better person. I liked the idea so decided to try it out. Continue reading