The Cold Roast Beef Sandwich

The cold roast beef sandwich might be popular with some, but not with this girl.  This sandwich often made its way into my “Welcome Back Kotter” metal lunch pail.  My dear mother was a good steward of every bit of food in the refrigerator.  Spying last nights roast beef, she lovingly made me a sandwich and put it in my lunch pail.  This sandwich started out cold, but then slowly from 7:30 am on, made it’s way up to room temperature. And room temperature roast beef is just gross.  What child in their right mind wants to eat room temperature roast beef?  I sure didn’t! Continue reading

How to Host Without Complaining

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we’ll soon have family and friends around the table. So I asked my friend, Sue Donaldson to share a little about hospitality

Hospitality is Hard: How to Host Without Complaining

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Mandy Farmer writer/speaker desires to support you in whatever storm you a facing. She has “Been there done that”. Like the Farmer’s Insurance, “We know a lot because we’ve seen a lot”. Mandy married a widowed pastor with two pre-teen boys. She became their mom and then they added another son and daughter to the mix. A 21st Century kind of family. Mandy served as children’s minister for 25 years followed by serving as women’s minister for 5plus years. In 2011, Chronic Pain became her constant companion which led to job loss for both her and her husband. Then this led to home loss and financial loss. But God is faithful and has brought them through these storms. Mandy would like to come alongside you to encourage you, help you, uphold you. Deut. 31:6

Appreciation of Cheese

I appreciate cheese.  Glorious Cheese!  I can’t imagine my day without it.  In fact, being from Wisconsin and loving cheese go hand in hand.  When you have your baby in a Wisconsin hospital, the pacifier the baby receives in the hospital nursery is made of cheese. Okay… just kidding there.  I wanted to see if you are paying attention to what I am writing.  But seriously, cheese is a big deal. Continue reading

of cats and brownies

Kitchen Cat-astrophes

Kitchen catastrophes.  We’ve all had them.  Some of us keep them as secret as an FBI file and others of us publish them.  So today reader, you are witness to my confession.  I stand in my pantry and solemnly swear upon my 1963, twelfth printing of the “Good Housekeeping Cookbook”, to tell you the truth, and nothing but the whole truth, so help my KitchenAid standing mixer. Continue reading

favorite cookbooks

Kitchen Adventures

Adventures Ahead

I look forward to taking you on my interesting and fun kitchen adventures!  We will explore things like making kefir water, sourdough starter.   Kitchen product reviews.  Interviews with some of the areas talented cooks and bakers.  Plus I will demystify cooking and baking techniques and terms.  All delivered to you in an easy to read, light-hearted manner.

On my recent trip to Wisconsin, I spent a good portion of my six and a half hour drive time thinking of topics to write to you about.    I finally settled on the topic of cookbooks.  Cookbooks evoke many fond memories for me.  I can open up my pie safe and pull each one out and tell you about their history.  History of how I got the cookbook, who may have given it to me, what I liked about the content of the cookbook and what recipes I liked or didn’t like. Continue reading