How to Have Confidence That God is Enough

How can we know in our hearts that God is enough

Life is hard.  It’s tough. And it’s definitely not fair. 

God is Enough

Life seems to be tearing so many of us apart inside. Somehow, we must learn that our God is enough for all our needs. I know in my own life, that God’s graces are the only thing that has brought me through. In recent years, I have been fighting auto-immune diseases that are causing me great pain. But through it all, God’s graces have been enough for me. (My story was written several years ago HERE.. However, I am planning an update of that series beginning in May.) 

Certainly, there are times that I am discouraged  

I wonder how much more I can bear, but then if I get my eyes back on Jesus and His graces, He carries me through. Just like the poem, “Footprints” says when things are the toughest, that is when Jesus carries me! Then when we look back, we can say as Jacob did, “God was here, and I didn’t even know it!” (Genesis 28

God is Enough Genesis 28:16

One of the Best Gifts from God is Faith 

One of God’s greatest graces to me has been the gift of faith. Thankfully, through every trial, my faith has pulled me through. I have been able to rest in his sheltering arms to get to the other side of the mountain. 

You can take a test to find your spiritual gifts and find that faith is not your strongest gift, but we all have a bit of faith. 

To begin with, we have enough faith to believe that God exists. 

Secondly, we took the step of faith to believe He sent His Son to pay our debts. 

And now we just have to grow that faith until we have a victorious life. Just as the hymn by John H. Yates says… “Faith is the Victory that Overcomes the World!” 

The Apostle Paul told Timothy that his mother and grandmother had the gift of faith and that he (Timothy) had the same gift and he needed to “fan the flames of that gift“. (2 Tim 1:6). We need to work at building our faith. When God gives us a gift, He plants the seeds in our lives and we must do our part to make them grow. He often places us in situations that make our faith grow IF we take the right actions. 

Let’s consider some actions that will grow our faith. 

F – Fear Not 

(or worry not, or fret not, or doubt not, you fill in the blank) (2 Timothy 1:5-14) 

God is Enough 2 Timoty 1:6
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Paul continued in verse 7,  “God has not given us the spirit of fear and timidity, but the spirit of power, love and self-discipline.”  We have to use that self-discipline to stop worrying and start believing the God can work it out. God saved us and he has brought us through so many things already. We need to lean on those facts, rather than worrying about the future (which, by the way, we have very little control of). 

So take on the Australian attitude .. “No worries!” or 

maybe the Bahamian idea “No Problem, Mon!”   or 

the retro theme “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” 

Choose what you may, just STOP WORRYING! 

A – Acknowledge our Concern & Ask God for help. 

Did you ever notice that the base word in “confidence” is “confide”?  So … maybe in order to have confidence, we should confide in the Lord about our fears and concerns. God wants to know about our concerns. 1 Peter 5:7 And we can have confidence that God will help us!

God is my helper Hebrews 13:6

Matthew 11 says “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.” 

It’s true, you know, He really does care.  #confidence #Godisenough Click To Tweet

I – Invoke Your Heart to Praise 

Invoke seems a hard word. Maybe indicating the forcing of something. But isn’t that what we must do? Sometimes praise is hard. Hebrews 13:14-15 says “let us offer through Jesus a continual sacrifice of praise to God“. 

Continual Praise .. that means, at times we must praise the Lord, even when it’s hard. 

Even when we don’t want to. 

I am reminded of a time in college. Easter break was coming and I was so ready to get home for a few days. We woke to snow on the ground that Friday and I received a phone call from my father saying I should not come home because the roads between us were too dangerous. I was heart-broken. I went to my final class that morning with a heavy heart. We began class each day with prayer, and guess who the professor called on to pray… ME! 

I didn’t want to pray. 

What could I say to God at this moment? 

I was bummed. 

We bowed our heads and the words came from my mouth. “Thank you for the beautiful snow.” Wow! I really couldn’t believe the words were coming out of my mouth! Where did that come from? But guess what … staying at school brought new opportunities and a wonderful Easter weekend. 

I think if we can muster up a bit of praise and singing, we’ll soon have forgotten the worries and find the joy

T – Trust His Promises 

god is enough Prov 3:5,6
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We’ll never understand what’s going on in the world, but God knows. He sees the whole picture and He knows best. When you feel worries and struggles coming your way. Get into the Word

Better yet, live in The Word always. 

Memorize His promises and lean on them. 

Sadly, too many of us never pick up our Bible, open its pages and read. And those of us who do, do it way too little. There are so many ways to get the Word into your mind. You don’t have to sit down and read it anymore; now you can listen to it on a CD or MP3. You can carry a little scripture card in your pocket. You can tape verses to your mirror or your computer monitor. 

We need to memorize it. Hide God’s Word in our hearts. 

psalm 119:11 God is enough

We can’t trust His promises if we don’t know what they are. 

H – Hide in the Shelter of His Arms 

After we do the aforementioned things, we can then rest in his arms. No Worries

God’s got our back. 

He’s got our future. 

He is in control! 

I love the illustration we were given in the Online Bible Study, A Confident Heart by Renee Swope; we’re in a God Sandwich! The Psalmist said, “You go before me and follow me. You place Your hand of blessing on my head.” (Psalm 139:5) 

God Sandwich
This verse is called the God Sandwich!

That’s when we know that GOD IS ENOUGH. 

Rest in this truth today. We can rest knowing that God is all around us taking care of the details.

So How About it? Let’s Start Living By Faith! 

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Savannah, GA

This post was inspired by the book, A Confident Heart” by Renee Swope 

Trusting God’s Plans and His Ways

God’s Preposterous Promise – Devo Series

  1. On Our Way Back to God
  2. The Promise of Restoration
  3. God’s Promise to Comfort
  4. Prepare the Way of the Lord
  5. God Sings Over Us
  6. The Hope of God With us
  7. Trusting God’s Plans and Ways
  8. Get Ready for the Lord’s Coming

Trusting God’s Plans and Ways

Scripture Reading: Psalm 25:1-22

“In you, Lord my God, I will put my trust. I trust in you; do not let me be put to shame, nor let my enemies triumph over me.” 

I grew up in a farming community. Most farms are on country roads connected by county roads named only with a letter or two. But beware because the next county over may use a different letter for the same road.  

One day, my brother was invited to visit his friend in another county. Mom was busy with farm business and she asked if I would drive him there. I had only a vague idea of how to get to this farm. Mom said that my brother could direct me there. So, with a little fear and trepidation, I headed out the driveway with a five-year-old in the co-pilot’s seat. 

God wants us to trust Him like this. To allow Him to show us the path of life. Usually, He only points in the direction He wants us to go. We must move ahead until He tells us to change directions. It may feel a little risky to trust Him and move ahead without any real plans on where we might be heading. Others might think us a bit foolish. They would say that we need a course of direction. They might say that to head out with no direction is “preposterous.” 

But when we move out on faith, we will find that we are not disgraced. My brother and I arrived safe and sound at his friend’s home. It’s the same with our faith. Trust God and we will arrive safely and right where God wants us to be.  

Points to Ponder 

  • Have you ever struggled to trust God when not knowing His plan? What truths about God do you lean on to help you trust Him more? Think of your own or look up these scriptures (Psalm 9:10, Psalm 28:7, Psalm 37:4-6, Proverbs 3:5-6, Isaiah 26:3-4, Matthew 6:25-27, 1 Peter 5:7, Philippians 4:19)
  • God always has a plan. He is never far away, and we can trust His plan. What do we know about God’s plans and His care? Make your own list or use these scriptures.  (Genesis 28:15, Joshua 1:9, Job 42:1-2, Isaiah 41:10, Isaiah 55:9, Psalm 23:4, Hebrews 13:5, 1 Cor. 3:16, John 14:16-17, Romans 8:37-39, Galatians 2:20)


Dear Lord, You are the God of the impossible. You can do anything. I want to trust your plan for my life whether I know Your will or not. You see the whole picture, so help me trust You completely as I follow You. Teach me to see things from Your perspective, and to know that You go before me and behind me, and Your hand covers me with protection. I declare my faith in Your promises, Lord. You are mighty, powerful, righteous, and true.  

In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen! 

Published with permission. Originally written by Mandy Farmer and published at the Discipleship Place ~ Women’s Ministries at The Church of the Nazarene November 2019

Trust in You by Lauren Daigle

feature whatever it takes

Willing: Whatever It Takes

This week’s prompt is WILLING

This post was prompted by the gang at Five Minute Friday Each Friday we take five minutes to write on the same prompt. It’s a lot of fun to see what others are inspired to write from the same prompt. Give it a try or click and do a bit of fun reading.

Five mInute Friday :: Willing

I’m reminded of my husband’s first wife, JoAnn. I never met her but she loved Jesus and served Him faithfully.

I’m told she was willing to rise up early every Sunday morning to call people. “Are you out of bed getting ready for Church? I hope to see you there.

Willingness to Give All To Jesus

When they were dating she was willing to take a stand, “If you see me on Sunday or Wednesday nights, it will be because you are at church with me.”

She was willing to adopt two of her sister’s children so they wouldn’t end up in the foster care system. At this point, she had been raising them to about 9 years.

JoAnn desired for everything that she did to glorify God. In February 1989, The church was preparing for revival services. She sang a special song that Sunday, just before the Revival began on Tuesday… Whatever it Takes.


There’s a voice calling me from an old rugged tree 
And it whispers 
“Draw closer to Me 
Leave your world far behind 
There are new heights to climb 
And a new life in Me you will find” 

For whatever it takes to draw closer to You, Lord 
That’s what I’ll be willing to do 
And whatever it takes to be more like You 
That’s what I’ll be willing to do 

Take the dearest things to me 
If that’s how it must be to draw me closer to You 
Let my disappointments come 
Lonely days without the sun 
If in sorrow more like You I’ll become 

I’ll trade sunshine for rain, comfort for pain 
That’s what I’ll be willing to do 
For whatever it takes for my will to break 
That’s what I’ll be willing to do 
That’s what I’ll be willing to do 

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On that Wednesday morning, she rose from the bed, kissed her husband goodbye, and headed out to drop the children at their various schools.

The Worst Phone Call Ever

What seemed like just moments later at the parsonage the phone rang.

Rev. Farmer there’s been an accident on the bypass, there are school books here with your daughter’s name in them. You better come”.

That was the beginning of a very long week. Two Funerals and a son in a coma. What was a man to do?

Are You Willing to Trust God For Good

God worked in the lives of many after that. The phone calls JoAnn made turned into decisions for Christ. Michael was willing to get back in the pulpit as soon as his son came out of the coma in about three weeks. He felt if he gave up preaching, what would it say about all the things he had preached… How God would carry you through the worst storms.

Another Difficult Phone Call

Later that same year, Michael made a difficult phone of his own. Well, let me back up a bit. You see, a pastor’s wife one state away (my pastor’s wife) carried a burden for this lonely father of two and pastor of 100. She prayed, “How can this man continue to serve You, Lord, with no wife?” God answered, “Mandy is the girl for him.”

Long story short, she “drug” me to Georgia to meet this preacher. The next week, he called me up and that was “the beginning of the end”. Now nearly 30 years later, we have served together in five different churches. Raising his two boys and another boy and girl. If you were to meet our family, you would easily see what a “God thing” it has been.

Are You Willing to Accept “Whatever It Takes”?

  • JoAnn was willing to do whatever it took to bring people to Jesus.
  • Michael was willing to continue in ministry with his wonderful wife.
  • I was willing to move to another state, take two boys (9 & 14) as my own, and become a pastor’s wife myself.
  • God was willing to take care of the rest.

Are You Willing?

Mandy Farmer

This story inspired by the Five Minute Friday Community on the prompt:

Caring is Sharing

Whatever it Takes Hymn Story