Kitchen Sanctuary

I often find that my kitchen easily transforms into a sanctuary. It’s a place of worship, confessions, and thanksgiving. I feed my family and friends, but I also feed their souls.

Soapy hands reach to cleanse dirty dishes, scrub pots and wipe a little face. Pausing for a moment but sometimes minutes. Slowing to rhythms of peacefulness- watching birds feed, mourning doves fly, traffic moving into town, and joggers going by.

Lots of prayers come from my kitchen. Prayers for friends, and family. Prayers to ease suffering, prayers for the healing of our nation, prayers for a new focus, prayers of thanksgiving, prayers to forgive, for more energy to do things I feel inadequate for or lack of energy.

Busy hands can still pray while kneading dough, baking cakes, making coffee, or scrubbing floors. Busy hands guide little fingers prodding and poking in drawers and cupboards keeping them from hurts.

My kitchen sanctuary has a beautiful view. Sunrises are the best, but evening sunset color gently plays off the clouds, making a beautiful canvas for the day’s end. A time to sit out on the patio and reflect, sometimes a time for tears.

My kitchen is a sanctuary.

-Joining you all in your daily sanctuary, where ever they might be. Amen

FMF: Refrain

The sun is rising and for me it is hard to refrain from going out on my patio and witness the birth of another day. The sun radiates glory, the bird sing out their hymns of praise. I refrain from moving, in awe of the splendor of the sunrise.

Its beauty melts my heart. It brings peace to my soul like no other. Tears run down my face as I realize my smallness in the bigness. His creation, of which I am part, is so intricate, fragile. Life calls out daily from every inch of his creation with no refrain. I am humbled by his presence in every part of my day.

Mornings: Sunrise, Coffee, & Jesus

I love mornings!

As far as I am concerned, it really is the best part of the day. I look forward to 5 am whatever the weather or season, but May through September I fall in love with mornings all over again.

Being “up with the birds” is not something everyone can appreciate. I naturally begin to wake up around 4:30 am or 5:00 am. There are times when I do sleep past that, but by 6 am I am wide awake.

Early bird gets the worm

You may be wondering what draws me to the pre-dawn. I would have to be honest and say it’s the quiet beauty of the light beginning to break the sky along with the birds singing their morning songs.

Colors in the mornings are breathtaking and as the moments pass by, the colors are constantly changing. Soft pastels, sometimes deep oranges with a light black lining the clouds. Some of my most cherished photo’s are taken during this time.

Colors in the mornings are breathtaking and as the moments pass by, the colors are constantly changing. #mornings #dawn #coffee #devotions Click To Tweet

Besides being breathtaking, the moments before the sun breaks on the horizon- those moments are truly humbling. So humbling I usually have some tears rolling down my cheek. Other times I just can’t speak or think. I just watch it all unfold. It’s my very own private art show. God’s best work on display, only for a few stolen moments before the sun peaks over the horizon. Once the sun peaks out, the colors begin to fade away and the sun once again takes dominion over the sky.

When I rise, give me Jesus

sunrise in the mornings

Outside of this visual beauty, comes the cleansing of my soul and mind. It is hard to put into words, but the best word I can use is “renewed”. Yesterday and its joys and challenges are passed. A slate wiped clean. A chance to be a better person- thinking, being, and doing. I like how centered I feel watching the colors change, hearing the birds sing. Being still in His presence.

In this busy techno-advanced world of ours, we have forgotten the joy of simplicity. To appreciate the fragility of life and living. How temporary this all is in light of eternity. Fleeting moments never to return. And this is where I feel humbled.

The sun coming up in the east warms my face and God’s word stirs my heart and mind. At this time I like to read my bible and review a great devotion. Sometimes our interactions are fun and humor-filled. Other times they are a tear-filled time of repentance for disobedience or sorrow over a trial I am going through.

It is well with my soul in the mornings

Having spent a beautiful time watching the morning art show, followed by reading my bible, it is always good to finish with pray. Prayer is the best thing for me, but I confess it is my least favorite.

I feel that way because I hold myself to a standard of how prayer should be done. Thinking about this now makes it seem really silly. Silly that I get caught up in the length, approach, details. God isn’t sitting up there with a score sheet critiquing your delivery. Just pray!

Once I settle those thoughts down, I focus on being thankful, asking for forgiveness for yesterdays mistakes, prayer for others and then for myself. Nothing fancy, just simply talking to God- that’s how it is supposed to be.

A little bit of coffee

Jesus and Coffee

In between those pre-dawn moments, a little coffee hits the spot. There is nothing like a freshly brewed cup of coffee to hold and sip. Finishes off my quiet time.

It is my hope to spread this morning joy to all who read this. Inspire you to partake of this refreshing of soul and mind! Set your alarm, set the coffee pot to brew and wake up to some amazing sunrises and soul changing interactions with the creator of the universe. You’ll be glad you did.