Trimming Your Vines

I love concord grapes. My grandpa Syens grew them and he and grandma made juice and jelly every fall. We also got to eat off the vine. I was in high school and I still enjoyed going up there and just picking and eating right off the vine. So sweet! But an occasional tart one set your teeth on edge.

When I moved to Minnesota I left behind my grape vines 🙁 at my East Friesland home. One spring, 7 years ago, I decided I wanted grapes. So I bought and planted 3 grape plants. It took 3 years to get them established enough to grow and start producing. I have had to replace two grape plants twice but the one, the strongest one, keeps growing.

They recommend you trim your grape vines in March. Well, this year I missed the trimming, and in May I noticed the other two grape plants, once again died- or so I thought.

In June I decided the remaining grapevine was getting trimmed. I was pensive about trimming it but I got the shears out and started to trim and trim. That poor grapevine got the haircut of a lifetime. I took one last look and said “I sure hope that doesn’t kill you.”

Two weeks later that vine had taken off like you wouldn’t believe. I grew across both wires, the top and bottom, and it put out cluster after cluster of grapes- THE MOST EVER. I have so many grapes!

Friends, don’t be afraid of trimming off vines in your life and Christian walk that don’t produce OR that need refreshing. In doing this, you give new life to your walk and the fruit that will come will be beyond expectation!

-Looking at my life and walk with you. Getting out the shears with God and starting to trim! Can’t wait for the bounty of results!- Michele

2 thoughts on “Trimming Your Vines

  1. kandygrams says:

    We want to plant some grapes here on our ranch, just a few. Do you have a link or something to when to plant, types to get, etc.?


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