Nuggets of Ministry Helps

Schedule of Nuggets Ministry Helps

  1. Sunday Newsletters by Subscription only
  2. How to Be the Perfect Pastor’s Wife
  3. Hurricane Preparedness for Ministry
  4. a Year’s Worth of Bulletin Boards
  5. When You’re Dreams are Thrown into the Pits
  6. Getting on a Budget and Staying There
  7. Self-Care ~ The First Step to Avoid Burn-Out
  8. Helping Our Children Survive Growing Up in a Parsonage
  9. Prayer Ministry & Outreach
  10. 4 Simple Ways to Get Those Notes in the Mail
  11. Perils of a Pastors Wife – Book Review
  12. When Your Circumstances Cast Your Into a Horrible Pit
  13. Building Friendship in and Out of the Church
  14. Reaching out to Caregivers
  15. Awesome Discipleship Idea for Teen Girls
  16. Great Advice for the Pastor and his Family
  17. How to Love Your Pastor All Year Long
  18. UNAPPRECIATED ~ Three Actions to Change Your Own Heart
  19. The Parable of the Lost Shepherd
  20. Book Review: Simply Tuesday
  21. 5 Important Aspects of Pastoral Self-Care
  22. Great Idea for the Summer Months
  23. Sickness & Grief Helps
  24. Reaching Out to the Chronically Ill

Have You Been Hurt by the Church?

Have you felt abandoned by God in the lonely fires of ministry? The Perils of A Pastor’s Wife will speak to your deepest wounds and help you find God’s Presence through it all — somewhere, somehow, somebody knows. You are not alone.

Join this new facebook group 

This Group is expressly for men and women trying to find Joy in the Wilderness after losing their pastorate.

Please share this with others you know who are struggling with the transition. This is a place for support and encouragement.

No judgment, just a shoulder to lean on.


Joy in the Wilderness