The Making of Moses: God Speaks Through the Burning Bush

Welcome back to Time in the Word. Almost there! The Making of Moses: The Desert Years, gave us great insight into God preparing Moses for the tasks ahead. Have you given thought to any “desert years” in your life? What did they prepare you for? What did you learn? Today we move with Moses through his “desert schooling”. We will listen in on God speaking to Moses through the burning bush and other conversations!

Join me by turning in your Bible to Exodus 3. Click here for a digital version. This is an exciting time for Moses. He probably doesn’t see it that way. Your 40s can come with a pretty jaded very of life. There he is, tending his flock, and he catches sight of a crazy sight. A bush on fire. WHAT!?

A burning bush? This I have to see

There is a great deal of insight to unpack in the burning bush, which may take two posts! Bear with me as I share them.

Moses has caught sight of a burning bush. With his curiosity piqued, he walks over to the bush. This gives us a clue that a “burning bush” wasn’t a common occurrence. God revealed several things to Moses by using a burning bush:

  1. Through the fire, God revealed his HOLINESS.
  2. The burning bush represented his GLORY.
  3. God showed his CARE for the Israelites.
  4. A NAME representative of who God was, was given to Moses by God himself.
  5. He gave revelation of GRACE and the CROSS.

God is Holy

God is a Holy God and he revealed his holiness through the fire. The fire represents refinement and purification, which are actions of God’s holiness. This holiness (his standard) makes God distinct from all other gods.

His holiness was made evident by asking Moses to remove his sandals. The ground Moses was standing on was HOLY. Everything God touches responds to his holiness.

Moses was to remove his sandals as an act of reverence toward God. The removal of Moses’ sandals also offers us another clue of what Moses represented; the Law. We can’t reach heaven by the Law. We are imperfect people. No amount of rule-following, good “deeds” done, can EVER make up for our sinfulness.

With planet earth as Satan’s home, he seeks to mar any representation of God and his goodness, along with the plan to destroy God’s best creation, his people.

Satan was able to steal dominion over the earth away from man through deceit. A consequence of Adam and Eve’s sin of pride as well. I guess we all need to take note of how damaging pride really is!

Friends, my word meter is beeping at me. I’ll have to stop here. We’ll pick up next week to continue speaking about God’s holiness represented in the burning bush and many others as well. Till next week. Thank you for joining me here today, in Time in the Word.

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