Spiritual Attack Part 2

In Part One, I was remiss in not noting that I have been reading excerpts from the book “Overcoming Spiritual Attack” by Ryan LeStrange. This is one of the great benefits of YouVersion– they do mini bible devotions or studies out of books already out, or soon to be out. So today I continue to give to you, from my notes, some more valuable information.

During an attack your natural mind experiences tension. Experiencing this for long periods of time makes you emotionally vulnerable. Then it becomes easy to give in to the emotions and question God’s promises.

Having good friends is very important. Having strong Christian friends is even more so. You need friends that will fight with you! Think of it as Prayer Fight Club. We need to protect one another through prayer. That’s why Satan does anything and everything to sidetrack you from prayer. Because he knows he is defeated through prayer.

Choose your words carefully as you speak them to yourself and others. Words are keys, keys open doors and keys lock doors.

“In the name of Jesus, I resist you Satan. I resist your lies that you try to bind me with. I break your power in my life and command you to go.”

Girls, Satan will not EVER play fair. He is DIRTY. And he will use ANYTHING. He knows everything about you, your family now and family past. Nothing is off-limits to him unless GOD tells him no- just like Job- God told Satan certain things he would not be allowed to do. BUT Satan CAN BE STOPPED through our constant prayer petitions and God’s word.

-Putting on the armor with you, getting my sword out to fight!

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