Have You Settled the Question?

I Have Settled the Question, Hallelujah!

Prompt: Settle

Five Minute Friday

When I heard this week’s Five Minute Friday Prompt, I was reminded of an old hymn of the church, “I Have Settled the Question“.  I settled the question with the Lord in July of 1970 at Sebring, Ohio Holiness Family Campmeeting.

My family had spent the week at family camp. Mom was running the little bookshop. My friends and I sat in the back of the tabernacle for most of the services. We didn’t particularly like the one preacher. We thought his cadence was choppy and boring. I remember that we called him “Popcorn” because we thought his speech jumped around.

But on the final night, that voice caught our attention. He spoke of the fiery lake of hell and how if we weren’t right with God, we would end up in this very horrible place. I’m not sure if it was because I have recently lost my grandfather, but death had somehow become a real thing to me. So my friend and I both walked the aisle, down to the altar to receive Christ as our Savior.’ You can read more about it on my memoirs blog, Raised in a Barn.

There were other times when I stepped even closer and more committed to my relationship but this was the day that I settled the question. I placed my life under His control that day. And things have never been the same since.

I wonder, have you settled the question? Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Friend? He’s waiting for you to come to him, confess your sins, and allow Him to take control of your life. If you want to know more just click here.

Have a Blessed Day!








Enjoy this old hymn from the GaitherVEVO


Have you Settled Your Account with God?

I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Have You Settled the Question?

  1. BettieG says:

    Dear Mandy, even our time of settling the question is so similar! It was in 1969 that I too made that journey to the altar in my Sunday School class, to settle my life with Him. And He has never left me alone. Blessings to you dear sister!

    • Mandy says:

      Awesome. Since i was Methodist my i was dedicated as a baby. Then as an adult i changed denominations, i decided i wanted to be immersed. It was an awesome experience.

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