He’s my peace in the path of the storm

I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me.

Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows.

But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

I’m so glad that God provides peace in the storm.

This weekend our family is right in the path of Tropical Storm Hermine. Hermine has made his path straight across south Georgia hitting all of our family from Cairo, GA to Waycross and Savannah.






There’s nothing like getting awakened in the night with the blaring horns from your phone saying there are tornadoes in the area. We ended up being quite safe, but some of our family has flooding and power outages due to trees coming down.


PSalm 77_19_YouVersion


It may barrel straight through us or it might skirt around. Some storms may be strong and dangerous and others are slow and become just a thunderstorm or even just a bit of rain. One never knows

We like to think that if you are following the Lord, life’s path will take you through smooth sailing.

But this is not true. What He does provide is peace in the storm.

What we are promised is safety through the storm

Not that the storm will find another path.

Oh, how we must learn that God is faithful through the storm.

He will be right there with us through the storm. He is our haven.Isaiah43_2_Youversion

He has a plan. His path will help us grow and learn.

We will be strengthened to face another day.

He provides for our every need in every situation.

I wonder about the Israelites. When God made a path through the sea, how willing were they to walk through it?

I’m not sure I would be at peace with walls of water on both sides of me.





John 16_33_YouversionWhy do we worry and fret and not live in the peace that He offers us?

Why do we allow the projected path of a storm to get us all worked up? We aren’t showing the world a reason to follow Christ if we fret and worry over our situation.

When we have the peace in the storm, THAT is when people stop and wonder what it is that makes us so calm through the storm.

This is when we exemplify the peace that Christ provides.


Let’s rest in Him through our trials so that He gets the glory and we get the peace that passes all understanding.


Mandy Farmer








P.S. I’ve been introducing the old hymns lately. This seems like a good time to share a hymn…

“There is Peace in the Midst of the Storm”

When the world that I’ve been
Living in collapses at my feet
And when my life is all tattered and torn
Though I’m wind-swept, I’ve been battered
I’m gonna cling unto His cross
I’ll find peace in the midst of the storm
(Is that alright?)

There is peace in the midst of the storm-tossed life
There is an Anchor, there is a rock to build my faith upon
Jesus Christ is my vessel so I fear no alarm
He gives me peace in the midst of the storm

-by Stephen Adams



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7 thoughts on “He’s my peace in the path of the storm

  1. Tara says:

    So glad you are safe! So much THIS: “Let’s rest in Him through our trials so that He gets the glory and we get the peace that passes all understanding.” I’m in the 40 spot this week.

  2. BettieG says:

    Yes, so thankful you and your family are safe! Thank you for sharing the sweet hymn! It is so good to be reminded of God’s faithfulness in the past, as we are facing new storms. He is the same now, to protect us still! –Blessings!

  3. Sarah Jean says:

    What a beautiful post. Glad you are safe! I’ve never lived in a potential hurricane area so can’t relate. But you’re also right that God is faithful THROUGH the storm, not necessarily out of it.

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