My America: The Secret Life of Trosky Road

I’ve lived on busy roads my entire adult life. So living on a busy road in Edgerton didn’t bother me. I enjoy life here on Trosky Road and it certainly has an interesting life. I can say this as my ever decreasing melatonin levels allow me to be awake at hours most can’t even comprehend. Believe me, I would rather be sleeping.

In the wee morning hours

I do try to remain in bed when I can’t sleep. I tell myself that I still need to rest. Not too long after telling myself this, a round table discussion about life begins, followed by making to-do lists as well as writing topic lists and so goes the merry circle of conversation in my cranium.

A famous time for me to get up is around 3 am. In the winter, getting up at 3 am is a bit of a chore as it’s colder in the house and so it requires an Alaskan dress code. Summer, however, allows me a little more freedom. I simply slip on some slippers and a housecoat and I’m ready to tackle the day.

I have been known to fold baskets of laundry, sort drawers, do some recycling, bring out the garbage, along with reading books, writing my articles, organizing my office, and then road watching.

Here come the trucks

There is very little traffic on the road till about 3:30, then you can hear the semi’s begin their runs. I watch Bolluyt trucks fire up and get ready for their day as well as other local truckers already rolling. The coffee begins to call me so into the kitchen to make a pot I go. I try to not make coffee before 4:30 am. Just in case sleep decides to return.

A little after 5:30 you have traffic heading in for Edgebrook Care Center, and I imagine Feys. Several other folks are driving by on their way to other jobs throughout the area. During the school year buses are making their way out of Edgerton around 6:30 am. Then at about 7:45 am buses begin their way back into town as well as busy moms and driving teens.

Trosky Road a great place to walk, jog and lose your stuff

Image by Rolf Hassel from Pixabay

Weekends seem to be a busy foot traffic time. You will see many people out jogging, walking, and a few biking. The nice wide road makes it safe to walk and the scenery going east is easy on the eyes.

I get a chuckle out of what ends up in the ditches on Trosky Road. You would be amazed at what we have stumbled upon over the years:

  • Hanes men’s underwear- in need of burning
  • jockstrap- obviously this sequester came to an end
  • misc. fishing items- guess they have as good luck as I do fishing
  • little girls jeans- took them home, washed them and they fit Gab
  • cooler- no food, raccoons must have got there first
  • shirts- unremarkable
  • single shoe- don’t you just wonder how someone loses one shoe?
  • bottles of urine- someone was doing the Cannon Ball Run I guess
  • complete lunches- did they read my story on throwing sandwiches in my neighbor’s evergreens?
  • money- collected $30 so far
  • smokes- a full pack of Camel’s

A bit of mischief

I wish I could try my old Friesland Fishing Pole trick on Trosky Road. But I am quite sure Pipestone County won’t find it very funny, especially considering my age. I will have to settle for some mischief from my newest four-legged neighbor “Stretch”.

Stretch DeKam is a Dachshund. He guards his side of Trosky Road from his landscaping pavers. Patrolling the narrow cement path looking for unsuspecting folk and giving them a good bark! This scares the daylights out of most folks, which is a hoot to watch play out.

First, Stretch is low to the ground giving him his best advantage. Second, he is sneaky- you have learned your craft well Stretch. Third, the pitch of his bark is just enough to scare you and then laugh at yourself for getting scared by this “wee little dog”. It’s terrible, but I truly enjoy watching the whole drama play out. Someone should tell Stretch the German Occupation is over! Ha, just kidding Stretch!

The play-by-play

Just imagine John Madden being the Trosky Road Color Commentator:

“Stretch, sitting by the hostas. He’s quiet now. Okay, here comes a guy on a bike not paying attention, too busy looking at his phone. Stretch like a dart, heads down the cement highway, nails clicking.”

Wait for it…. 3,2,1… bark! bark! bark!” Snickering is heard from the “peanut gallery” across the road.

Stretch sometimes is asleep on duty, but you can be sure once he has realized his error he makes up for it by the intensity of his bark. I have caught him unaware a time or two. There lays Stretch. Sunning himself on the driveway ontop a nice blankie, softly snoring. And then Michele says “Hiya Stretch” and with a snort, he’s up and on duty!

One day a group of walkers with children were coming by. Some unsuspecting boy got the shock of his life when Stretch exploded from the bushes with his war-like bark. That poor kid nearly tipped off his bike in surprise. It got a few snickers from the mom. He soon recovered but I bet he’s more the wiser now.

It’s good to have interesting things happening on Trosky Road. Makes my slice of life unique, along with a bit of good mischief and a few laughs. What’s life like on your road?

Till next time friends. Here is to good food, good friends and a good laugh in life!

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One Comment on “My America: The Secret Life of Trosky Road”

  1. One shoe on the road…. have you heard the story of the family trip. The child in the back seat was miss behaving. Dad said several times to behave or get a spanking. “Do you want me to stop this car?” Finally dad had enough. He pulled over, got out of the car, pulled the kid out of the back seat and gave him what was promised. Put him back in his seat and said, “I don’t want to hear another word from you for the next hour.”
    Down the road an hour or so later, the child asked, “Can I talk now?”
    “Yes son”
    “you know when you stopped and spanked me earlier? My shoe fell off.”

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