Moses and Aaron to the Rescue

Welcome back to Time in the Word. If you missed last week’s devotional, you can catch that here. Last week we peeked in on Egyptian life with their God and Goddesses. Turn to Exodus 5 and 6. We will start at Exodus 5:6 and continue into chapter 6. You can read the scripture digitally here. Moses and Aaron to the rescue. Well, maybe not…

This week, we are about to witness Moses get a taste of middle-management- the trials and tribulations of being a leader. It’s not looking pretty as Pharaoh increases the Israelite slave workload and no longer provides the Israelites with straw. They will have to find straw themselves.

Because it took time to gather the straw, we know this was a near impossibility to meet the extra brick quota. When the quota was not met, the Israelite foremen were beaten.

In a crazy turn of events, the Israelite foremen met with Moses and Aaron and told them they asked God to judge them for interfering and inciting Pharaoh to punish them. What!?

Sorry. Not sorry.

Moses and Aaron were pretty stunned at the judgment from the Israelite foremen. At the end of Exodus 5, Moses tells God (loosely paraphrased), “Ever since we had our chat with Pharaoh, he’s been a real jerk. And, BTW… you haven’t rescued your people YET.” To which God replies (loosely paraphrased), “Buckle up! That boy is gonna cave, and you are going to witness him driving the Israelites out.”

Friends, we are so blessed to have a God with infinite patience, infinite grace, and serious restraint. The “eye rolls”, sighs, and “whatever” tone of voice had to be constant as God lovingly dealt with his people. I’d have told the Israelites to “Stuff it!” And gave Moses and Aaron a “Listen here.”

Pre-departure assignment

God is unflustered by Moses and Aaron’s lack of faith and complaints. It’s as if God listens and then interrupts them by reminding them of the Abraham covenant. Then moves right into having Moses and Aaron prepare for the Israelite departure by instructing them to bring the people out of Egypt in their divisions.

I chuckled a bit as I read those departure instructions. That is a bit like me. I am totally into the details of something at the end of a process, but have no concern for right now. I found those instructions interesting and will dig into that more.

Gods details in your life

What about you? How do you see God working in the details of your life? Do you allow him to work in your life? Ah. Now we are getting somewhere. God is such a gentleman. He would never force his way into your life. Every day and in every way, we MUST allow him to work and reveal the plan.

Sometimes we get all the details. Sometimes we do not. Our success depends on our obedience. Are you willing? Do you trust him? Hmm. I guess we have some thinking to do.

Thanks for joining me here today in Time in the Word. Join me next week as Moses shows signs to Pharaoh. Things are heating up!

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