From Dissonance to Harmony

From Dissonance to Harmony

Coming in 2024

Chronic pain steals your life. It takes your health, daily life, family time, hobbies, social life, and finally, your job and home. How do we come to grips with this? How do you stop the downward spiral into depression and a long life of trials and tribulations?  


Mandy found her way through the trials without losing the song in her heart. In her book of devotions, she shares tidbits from her story by connecting with historical and Biblical people. Studying these counterparts, she finds brief notes of encouragement. In this devotional, Mandy invites you to join in her journey to help ease your pain. Coming together and holding each other up makes the journey so much easier.  

As a lover of music, she has arranged these devotions in a theme of music. Each devotion has these parts:  

  1. My Dissonance (a tidbit of my story)  
  1. Our Counterpart (a Biblical or historical person with whom we can relate.)  
  1. Our Harmonious Melody (a teaching point drawn from both stories)  
  1. Practice, Practice, Practice (read a Psalm & meditate on the lyrics of an old hymn)  
About the Book
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