FMF: Normal

“Normal is really just a setting on your dryer”. I find those words to be very true. But I want normal nonetheless. I want normal, but it seems elusive. Maybe normal is traditional?

The times as of late have established a “new normal”. I don’t want this “new normal. I want the normal of what was. I don’t have to change, but I hear people saying it must change and so I ask “Why?”. Why don’t you want it to be normal? Who doesn’t want it back to normal?

Somehow this push for accepting the “new normal” seems abnormal. Something is going on.

9 Comments on “FMF: Normal”

  1. Perhaps because “new normals” doesn’t mean what you had was bad, it just means there’s even more good to live out. Sometimes we get easily stuck in our “normals” yet God is always bringing new rhythms into our lives, new wine skins.

    Really enjoyed the rawness of your post!

    Visiting from FMF

  2. “We will tell you what to do
    in this darkest hour!”
    Don’t think so, dude, ’cause I see through
    your lust for greater power.
    You’ll let us go to Walmart,
    but if we go to church,
    arrest us in the parking-lot,
    without a warrant-search.
    It’s gone unconstitutional,
    it’s gone to far for me
    to bow to those delusional
    to think that they can be
    our caring gentle guarding giants
    when they’re really petty tyrants.

  3. Raquel, Thank you for your compliment. New rhythms are good and new normals okay as well, but I’m not so sure of the authorities’ intentions.

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