Comfort. Just saying the word “comfort” makes me think of soft pillows, warm blankets, a timely hug, and laying my head on my mom’s lap. If I were to look at my life I can definitely see areas of my life I have designed for comfort.

Comfort itself isn’t something bad, but as an adult, I think we can design life so focused on comfort we are not challenged. And that friends are where the problem comes into play.

I have thought a great deal about my life as a free American. That freedom didn’t come cheap and I think there are some folks who have forgotten that freedom isn’t free. They have grown to comfortable in all their “freedoms” that it has brought on complacency. That’s maybe the downside to such a free society, we have so much and so many choices we forget how this ability to choose came to be.

How comfortable are you in your walk with Christ? Are you satisfied just being in your comfy “Christian” leggings with fluffy sweatshirt, doing the daily usual?

I know for me prayer is challenging. I like to rush through and get to reading the bible, or doing a devotion- things that make me comfortable. Prayer stretches me. I calls me to go beyond what is in my heart, it calls me to say it out loud.

We live in a challenging time politically. We stand to lose some major freedoms if we don’t speak up and pray up! We can’t wear the same fluffy comfortable Christian outfit, we need to suit up for a serious battle. What we are fighting is evil. It is a spiritual warfare unlike anything I have seen.

Satan fights to keep you bound, to keep us all bound. Our only weapons are prayer and praise. Prayer binds/loosens and praise is completely distracting to Satan and his helpers. Time to stop being comfortable.

-Getting uncomfortable with you and leaning into prayer and praising like never before.

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