Holi-daze. Holidays

Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay

Right now, I sit on the brink of writing disaster. Thanksgiving is two weeks away, and Christmas is around 46 days away. I’m in a holi-daze. Not quite sure how to plan my attack.

This year the holidays will have significant meaning. We, as a family, are in peacetime, recovery, and healing. The pressure and stress we felt from the court case and things related to that- were dumped like bags of garbage into a burn pile. The match struck instant flames. It feels good to unburden and release.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and it’s taken quite a hit for the last five years. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate all that we are blessed with. We share the bounty of love and living well- all from God’s good hands. So very thankful.

We have reason to celebrate as God’s people. As Americans and in our individual lives. Despite what is pushed upon us and the world- WE ARE PREVAILING.

Today, I’ll be gathering recipes. watching my favorite little boy dance merrily around the kitchen, playing his “trombone” (an old coffee maker stem), hopping and bopping as he makes his joyful sound. I carefully reflect on what we were brought out of and rescued from. I could bring tears to my aging face, but I stop, and replace them with a smile.

My grandson/son will know the joy of thankfulness as we celebrate Thanksgiving together. And together is the very best part.

Welcome to Parenting- 2nd Time Around

You’ll have to excuse my informal way of introducing this blogging section. I pondered for quite some time on what its title should be. I wanted the title to reflect a positive vibe about ‘parenting’ as grandparents.

Are you grandparents parenting? WELCOME! Even if you’re not grandparents parenting, I hope you find my blogging inspirational and encouraging. We are, unfortunately, becoming a popular societal norm- parenting our grandchildren full-time.

This needs to be seen as a gift, but this gift comes with some heavy soul-searching, determination, and grit. It’s not pleasant to have a court battle, never mind the expense. I don’t even need to say how emotionally draining it is.

Bad choices are abundant. Mental health is a major issue. BUT GOD!

Join me as we together explore the joys of Parenting- 2nd Time around! I’ll be posting weekly. Sometimes daily with stories, experiences, and a bit of fun! God knows we all need to laugh! AMEN!? See you soon!

A Year Reviewed

It’s hard to believe, but my grandson is approaching 16 months old. I watch him toddle and run, discover, and explore. His ever-expanding mind reminds me that God created us to learn and keep learning.

My kitchen reminds me as well of his interest in things. Pots and pans litter the floor. Spatulas (his favorite) find their way into pots and drawers. Little flour piles in the pantry from his secret visits to the flour bin. Magnetic letters in my dryer from being tossed in my kitchen laundry basket.

I would have NEVER imagined parenting at 49- NEVER. But here it is. Six in the morning wake up calls, bug exploration, water table visits, cat hugging, dog ear pulling, endless book looking and food throwing! Phew.

God did not give us a life to do as we please. He gave us a life to be used for HIS purpose and HIS glory. He never wants you to stop your wondering about him. Your awe in what he does and your drive to learn more, be better and grow.

-Appreciating our continued growth seeking him through living life, reading his word and prayer.- Michele

Ending on a Good Note- Michele Bruxvoort

Most of my better horsemanship happened as an adult. As a kid I just got on and rode, never mind the rules. Like playing the piano, it’s hard to undo something when you’ve been “doing it that way” for a long time.

When I would work with my horse Boney, I was told to always end on a good note. This meant that I needed to choose something we worked on together and mastered. This might be a turn with only a foot cue or a word command.

By choosing something we did well together it closed up our session on a good note. We shared a success and it was gratifying for both me and my horse to be “one” together. Not me all ticked off and feeling huffy or her head high and ears alert and tense.

I was reminded of that last night as I was getting Trey ready for bed. From five in the evening till seven, he is very intense and it is the hardest part of the day. So God reminded me while I was feeding him his bottle I need to learn to end the harder days on a good note.

Maybe you have something or someone in your life that your “endings” with generally are not very productive, maybe they are destructive or hard. Together we can encourage each other to end on a good note. Find something you can share with that person or situation that helps you end on a good note.

God wants the race we are running to end on a good note as well. He knows it’s hard. Hard living heaven focused life with fleshy folks. Tends to make a person feel beat down. But God created us for “good works”, well in advance of our arrival here.

-Looking for good notes to end on in the coming days.- Michele

FMF: Less

If I were to have done any less, it would have testified to my lack of faith. It would have become a testimony to him later that I didn’t care. I never wavered in my decision. It was an immediate, knee-jerk reaction and I knew my life would change.

My grandson was born three weeks prematurely. Born healthy and thriving. A small scare with forgetting to breathe, but that was due to his mother pre-eclampsia and all the magnesium she had taken in to prevent her from becoming eclamptic.

My daughter has chosen less for herself. Beat down by time, people and a bad relationship. She sees herself as less. Less for being given away through adoption. Less because of her ADHD and the havoc it creates in her life. Less because of her stocky stature… less.

We care for our grandson and tell him his worthfulness. His purposeful presence in the grand scheme of things. The hopefulness of his growth, ever-expanding mind, and faithfulness that someday, his momma will see herself much more than less.