Broken Vessels

A few weeks back we had returned to Wisconsin to clean and sort through what remained of my mother’s belongings. Piles were made to get rid of, or go through/split up.

It’s hard to put into words sorting through your parent’s belongings. I would just have to say it was deeply emotional and very personal. Being in my childhood home with your parents no longer residing inside was emotional as well.

We had rented a U-Haul and filled it up with things from my mother. Most of what I got were practical things, a few sentimental items from mom, and the rest was what I had bought at my family auction.

Upon returning home we unpacked my items into the garage and there, for quite of few weeks they sat; I just didn’t want to sort through them again. But finally, I got the nerve and began sorting through.

One day I unpacked a box that was clearly my dads inherited stuff. I began to unwrap and pull apart a beautiful tea seat. Unfortunately the spout was damaged and several cups and saucers were as well. Part of me just wanted to cry as I felt, yet again, just about everything of beauty and value was broken.

As I continued through the box I found pieces that looked like a spout. Setting them aside I went into the kitchen to get the Super-Glue. Returning, I set out all the pieces and started to put the spout back together. Once I was satisfied I could assemble the spout correctly I began to apply the glue.

Slowly, piece by piece, the spout was reconstructed and my heart began to flutter at the beauty of the tall pot. I arranged the remaining cups and saucers around the teapot to complete the look.

In the weeks to follow I discovered that it was made in Germany and that according to “google” it was vintage. I gave it space in my china hutch and look forward to pouring tea from it sometime.

God reminded me while I repaired the teapot, even though the pot was broken it could be repaired and beautifully restored. With His help, we can work to “fix” what is broken and still be useful-restored.

Restoration brings a different perspective. It also repurposes your life and gives you the experience to share and encourage others.

  • Grateful with you for our broken vessel that is being repaired daily, piece by piece by my Lord. Amen


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