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Can you believe the sheer volume of knowledge you have attained about coffee? Impressive. Just think of all the wisdom you can impart to those who foolishly chose not subscribe (perish the thought) to the Edgerton Enterprise. We keep brewing on! Brew! Brew!- coffee train sound. HA!

Oops! I forgot to mention grind size

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Somewhere in America, Ms. I.G. Bell, my high school Senior English teacher, is frowning at me. I can hear her high-heeled shoes clicking their way to my desk. Red hair, tight in a bun. Pencil skirt, complete with nylons, professional-looking, white, button-down dress shirt, and fuzzy, well-worn cardigan.

She lowers her glass and catches my gaze. “Ms. Syens.” You have submitted your outline with your paper. However, you seem to have run amuck in your paper.” Sigh. Yes. It still lives with me today. I have run amuck on you as well. I get so excited writing about stuff, completely lose my outline faculties and go running amuck. Adding things not mentioned. Or completely forget to write about them.

Ms. I. G. Bell was an excellent English and Literature teacher. I loved her South African accent and considered it a treasure to have had her as a teacher. So I add this disclaimer- my amuckings were self-generated and not the result of poor teaching.

Grind Size

What is the big deal about the size of your ground coffee? Well, scientifically speaking, you want to extract all that lovely caffeine and flavor. The grind size will depend on your chosen extraction method. Translation- the type of brewing you will be using. We will return to brewing as soon as I finish up grind size.

Here is the grind down:

  • COURSE GROUND– French Press or Cold Brew, chunky looking
  • MEDIUM-COURSE– Pour Over, less chunky looking
  • MEDIUM– Machine Drip, Siphon, sea salt in size
  • FINE– Mocha Pot, Espresso, table salt size
  • EXTRA FINE-Turkish Coffee Pot, powdered sugar size

SIDEBAR- If you live local, and have a Turkish Coffee Pot, would I be able to borrow it? I want the fun of saying I made Turkish Coffee, in a real Turkish Coffee Pot. My husband finds my coffeeing collection boarding on the unnecessary.- Thank you. Email me: 🙂

There, that was the breakdown of the grind.

Let me count the ways I love to brew

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Last week we began to tackle brewing methods:

  • Brewing method- gravity, immersion, pressure, boiling water, the pod

I closed out last week’s article, which you can catch here, with gravity brewing- the Electric Coffee Maker. This is the most popular way to brew at home or office. I told you about the Jura F-150, which is NOT to be confused with the Chevy F-1500. Help any automobile manufacturer that has an in-dash brewing system. Although… Yep, better not go there, Michele. Frowny faces from police and insurance agents.

Anyway. I, in a moment of weakness, decided to upgrade our at-home coffee experience. I watched many a YouTube coffee machine review. My go-to reviews are usually from America’s Test Kitchens. I was totally sold on the Dutch Manufacturer, Technivorm Moccamaster. You can catch the Technivorm Moccasmaster story here.

Meet my Technivorm Moccamaster

Image by Michele Bruxvoort

The nosey people will search to see how much I spent on this machine. So, I will spare you the time. It was rather pricey at $319.00. Coffee is life people. I don’t vacation. Case closed.

Do I get great coffee from the Moccasmaster? YES! Kind of funky looking? YES! However, the Dutchies know their coffee “stuff”. The Moccamaster is a well-built machine. Let me give you the run-down on this bad boy!

  1. HAND-BUILT. Brew tested before it leaves the facility!
  2. Powerful heating element made of highly conductive copper. Quick to bring water up to correct temperature and HOLDS the temperature throughout brewing.
  3. Multiple water shower outlets, giving you even water disbursement over your grounds.
  4. Extracts flavor uniformly by holding back the water in the brew basket for 30 seconds.
  5. Stainless steel thermal carafe, with sealing screw top to keep that coffee hot all morning!

There is no hotplate on this coffee maker. No more scorching your coffee. WOO! Catch a comparison between Technivorm Moccamaster and Breville Precision Brew here. Gail had an honest review, and I still would choose the Technivorm Moccamaster. Breville has wonderful products. 🙂

Next week I will have some recipes for you recipe lovers. And you coffee lovers? Fear not. I shall return with more ways to brew!

Till next time. Here is to caffeine-induced morning smiley faces.

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