“Faith over Fear”, People of the Christmas Story: Joseph

Welcome back to today’s Time in the Word. We continue in our scripture study, which comes from Matthew 1:18-25. If you are reading this digitally, you can simply click on the highlighted text. Otherwise, I invite you to grab your bible and turn to Matthew 1:18-25. We’re almost done with our discovery of how the people … Continue reading “Faith over Fear”, People of the Christmas Story: Joseph

Native American Heritage

7 Things Native Americans Want You to Know About Native American Heritage Month

The term ‘Native American’ covers a broad range of cultures, traditions, and languages. It’s kind of like saying ‘European.’ Not everyone in Europe belongs to the same nation, speaks the same language, or shares the same culture or religion. And just like with Europeans, some Native Americans don’t mind the moniker ‘Indian,’ but others find it offensive. When in doubt, ask.

The Legal Stuff

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